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AAFA Site Updates -- 2008

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As new information or new pages are added, they will be listed below. Please take a few minutes to see how we've grown! Some of the files, particularly census files, are large PDF files and will take some time to load, especially with dial-up. Give them time as they are worth it.

Week of December 28

Week of December 14

  • Ahnentafels AAFA Members File
    Added AAFA NUMBERS & NAME from the Salvatore Alford branch:
    0106 Linda Pansano, 0359 Sheryl Garrett, 0379 Imogene (Leon) Kennedy, 0566 James Harrington, 0738 Roy W. Adams, 0744 Renee Shelfer, 0759 Elizabeth Ann Turner, 0770 Arthur L. Dees, 0802 Donald L. Bray, 0805 Paula Jo Burns, 0806 Jennifer Lynn Jackson, 0807 Rebecca Jo Roberts, 0808 Michael Glenn Roberts, 0889 James H. Evans, 0937 Dixie O'Reilly, 0938 Dinah Zalesky, 0940 Debbie Alford, 0941 Julian M. Alford, 0942 Don Adams, 0943 Janelle Cruger, 1133 Patricia Jensen 1144 Patsy R. Dunn

  • World War II Alford Enlistment Records

Week of December 7

Week of November 30

Week of November 23

Week of November 16

Week of November 9

  • SOUTH CAROLINA - Overall Military Records, Rev thru Gulf Wars less WW II Draft Registrations which will follow.

  • Added Ahnentafels AAFA Members File
    AAFA NUMBERS & NAME: 0108 Danise Johnson, 0110 Dovie Jean Alford, 0130 Evonne Alford, 0153 Pilip Alford, 0170 Daniel Lee Alford, 0195 Jann Alford Harper, 0209 W. L. Surovik, 0216 Patsy Alford Stratton, 0232 Mary Justine Monroe, 0238 V. Louise Alford, 0247 James Evetts Haley, 0289 Robert Murray Alford, 0317 Philip Alford, 0402 Wendell Alford, 0429 Geraldine Obermiller, 0515 Don E. Alford, 0870 Barbara Chesebrough, 0874 Kenneth Alford,

  • Revised & Enhanced Texas 1850 Census

Week of November 2

  • Obituaries: Major update: Arkansas Obituaries
  • Obituaries: Minor update: Arizona and Connecticut Obituaries

  • Added Ahnentafels AAFA Members File
    AAFA NUMBERS & NAME: 0127 Mariwynn A. Watson, 0131 Bess Rayord, 0222 Kathryne Bone Crews, 0229 Annette Castro, 0300 Stewaart A. Brown, 0393 Margary Neal Nelson, 0525 Allen S. Alford, 0526 Jennie Bl Weis, 0527 Allaine S. Davis, 0528 Julia L. Duke, 0529 Roy Stephens Alford, 0530, William R. Howard, 0531 Marshall Lee McLane, 0532 John Thomas Howard, 0533 Miles Dailey Jackson, 0610 Eunice Ray Alford,0693 Steven Lee Alford, 0695 Marshall Lee McLane. 0697 Stephen Carlise Howard, 0699 Theressa Diane Lewis, 0700 Harold Paschal Alford, 0720 Frank Luther Alford, 0773 Myrtice Alford Edwards, 0774 Leaette Alford Braswell, 0775 Celeste E. Furr, 0797 James Houston Alford,0803 Benson W. Alford, 0846 Kathleen Alford Conley, 0847 Robert M. Alford, 0989 Sandra Kay Harwood, 1044 Myra Alford Bishop, 1077 Jeanne Epps, 1174 Kelly Mclane.

Week of October 26

Week of October 19

  • Added Member Memorials
    AAFA #0200 John Rogers Alford, Jr.
  • Added Ahnentafels AAFA Members File
    AAFA #0048 Robert L. Alford, Jr.
    AAFA #0049 Roberta Alford Folds
    AAFA #0050 Betty Cook Linn
    AAFA #0051 Franceine Rees
    AAFA #0052 Randall L. Alford
    AAFA #0623 Dixie L. Alford
    AAFA #0624 James Weldon Alford
    AAFA #0626 Hubert L. Alford
    AAFA #0628 Linda Little
    AAFA #0629 James B. Alford
    AAFA #0638 James Alan Swan
    AAFA #0639 Pollyanna C. Gregg
    AAFA #0641 Delores A. Thomas
    AAFA #1310 Dora Lee Watson
    AAFA #1311 Pamelia Joyce McCrary
    AAFA #1312 Hilda G. Logan
    AAFA #1313 Deborah Alford Warren

Week of October 12

  • Added Ahnentafels AAFA Members File
    AAFA #0031 Margaret L. Windham
    AAFA #0032 Lucille C. Merkham
    AAFA #0035 Weston Adams
    AAFA #0041 Robert C. Alford
    AAFA #0045 Andrew L. Leath
    AAFA #0046 Edythe M. Tippett
    AAFA #0630 Emma Alford Gilmer
    AAFA #0632 Mavis Alford Garlick
    AAFA #0634 Brandon Myers Alford
    AAFA #0635 Halcut Alford
    AAFA #0636 Lucille Alford Gainey
    AAFA #0637 Donald Wilson Alford
    AAFA #1315 Abby Melissa Alford
    AAFA #1315 William Kenneth Alford, II
    AAFA #1316 Rosemary Schuster Hughes
    AAFA #1317 Sarah Lee Schuster Whitfield
    AAFA #1318 Susan Carol Schuster Cluiss
    AAFA #1319 Jeffery R. Alford
    AAFA #1328 Gradye Alford Stephen
    AAFA #1329 Reginald D. Alford
    AAFA #1330 Eric Shawn Alford

  • Joanne B. Harley, AAFA #0560 Jacob Alford Family History.

Week of October 5

  • Added Ahnentafels AAFA Members File
    AAFA #0034 Wiley Harrison Crouse
    AAFA #0034 Camille Willingham Izler Crouse
    AAFA #0037 Emily Katherine "Emma-Jo" Davis
    AAFA #0237 Ebbie Preston Alford
    AAFA #0667 Harris Monroe Alford
    AAFA #0669 Bobby Pace Alford
    AAFA #0672 Jesse Burdell Alford
    AAFA #0686 Beverly Alford
    AAFA #1090 Jean Alford Barkalow
    AAFA #1289 John Ashley Alford
    AAFA #1298 Marjorie Milling
    AAFA #1320 Hope Deneen Yarborough Parrish
    AAFA #1321 Mary Alford Yarborough
    AAFA #1322 Agnes Jean Alford Pavlokis
    AAFA #1324 Gerald L. Alford
    AAFA #1325 Bobby Alford

  • Added nine documents to Horry Co. SC Land Records.

  • Obituaries: Added NEVADA Obituaries

  • Home Page for Capt Lodwick Alford: Opened and began posting. Can usually access from members page.

  • Genealogy of William Alford b. ca 1760 NC This is latest version of the genealogy previously listed as William b. 1735 SC. Part of large list of Alford genealogies arranged by DNA classification. Updated DNA groupings.

Week of September 29

Week of September 21

Week of September 14

Week of September 7

  • Updated Member Memorials
    AAFA #0017 Claude Anding Alford
    AAFA #0255 Paul Cowley Murphy
    AAFA #0302 Kay Patricia "Pat" Hunt Alford (wife of Eugene Alford)
    AAFA #0519 Myrtie Edith Alford Hunter
    AAFA #0621 Helen Juanita Rivers Stevens

Week of August 17

Week of August 3

  • Updated Member Memorials
    AAFA #0040 Elizabeth Alford Williams
    AAFA #0089 Wilmot Y. "Bill" McCain
    AAFA #0208 Mitchell Lee Alford (son of Roy L. Alford)
    AAFA #0445 Harrell Ovead Alford
    AAFA #0454 Mattie Lou Giddings Fry - added photo
    AAFA #0466 Leonidas Marcelus Alford
    AAFA #0498 Burt Wesley Alford - added photos
    AAFA #0543 Julia Kathryn Plake Alford (wife of Jack D. Alford) - added photo
    AAFA #0683 Lillie Bell Franklin Alford (wife of Walter Thomas Alford)
    AAFA #0683 Walter Thomas Alford (added Autobiography)

Week of July 13

Week of July 6

Week of June 29

  • Added to Photo Gallery
  • Added to Alford Family Bulletin by Tressie Bowman - issues #5-7
  • Obituaries: Updated Connecticut, Montana, Nebraska, and Arkansas Obituaries
  • Obituaries: Added Arizona Obituaries
  • Updated Member Memorials
    AAFA #0005 Margaret Parnell Alford (Mrs. Truman)
    AAFA #0016 Jacob E.Alford
    AAFA #0056 Ronnie Schilling (h/o Mary Alford)
    AAFA #0396 Charles Boulson
    AAFA #0543 Julia Kathryn Plake Alford (Mrs Jack D.)
    AAFA #0820 Margaret Simmons Alford
  • Introducing ABOUT ALFORDS: Issues 1 and 2
    This newsletter was published by Gil Alford, 1982 - 1991.

Week of June 15

  • Added Member Ahnentafels
    AAFA #0200 John Rogers Alford, Jr.
    AAFA #0396 Charles E. Boulson
    AAFA #0454 Mattie Lou Fry

Week of May 25

Week of May 11

Week of May 4

  • Obituaries: Updated Connecticut Obituaries
  • Obituaries: Added Idaho, New Mexico, and South Dakota Obituaries

Week of April 28

  • Added Member Ahnentafels
    AAFA #0002 Landon Alford
    AAFA #0004 Marion E. "Mike" Alford
    AAFA #0006 Christie Alford Baldwin
    AAFA #0007 Betty Alford Dietz
    AAFA #0020 Wallace Turner (Lee Ann)
    AAFA #0021 James Posey Alford
    AAFA #0023 Enola Alford Burke
    AAFA #0024 Deanie Bigby Bybee
    AAFA #0025 Ann M. Alford Baird
    AAFA #0028 Nancy Alford Dietrich
    AAFA #0029 Nancy Thomas Alford
    AAFA #0030 Pamela Alford Thompson

Week of April 20

Week of April 13

Week of April 6

Week of March 31

Week of March 23

Week of March 16

    Benedict Alford Genealogy
  • Added a COLLECTIONS page where we will feature the unpublished works of others. (There is already a section on the published works of others.) At present emphasis is on L.E. Alford's collection, primarily South Carolina documents.

Week of March 9

Week of March 2

Week of February 10

  • Updated and added to Member Memorials
  • Obituaries: Added Arkansas Obituaries, from the 2003 Annual Meeting Arkansas Compilation, plus all unpublished Arkansas obituaries
  • Added Member Ahnentafels
    AAFA #0132 Robert Mark Alford
    AAFA #0140 Robert A. Alford
    AAFA #0159 Susan Alford Russell
    AAFA #0160 Nancy E. Alford
    AAFA #0166 Daniel Lee Alford,IV
    AAFA #0240 Mary Alford Mischer
    AAFA #0244 Michael Bruce Alford
    AAFA #0290 Dan Bradley Alford

Week of February 3

  • Alford Marriage Records - Added two more marriage certificates:
    Albert Alford & Lula Allen August 1889 Manatee Co. FL
    Lula Alford & John E. Bratcher September 1911 Manatee Co. FL

Week of January 27

  • Added Member Ahnentafels
    AAFA #0086 Mrs. John (Omer) Izner Alford
    AAFA #0177 Louise Alford Ekin
    AAFA #0215 Joe Gerald Alford
    AAFA #0318 Glenice Jo Alford Perdue
    AAFA #0668 Andrew Franklin Alford
    AAFA #0781 Gene T. Waters
    AAFA #1204 Charles B. Alvord
  • Alford Death Records - Added two more death certificates:
    Bundin Dempse Alford 1894-1870
    Samuel B. Alford 1880-1952

Week of January 20

  • Photo Gallery :

    The big thing this week is the new photograph system uploaded by John and Janice Smith, our AAFA Photo Archivists. The photos are now accessible from the home page, being one of the eight main options in the middle of the page. Go back to HOME and check it out.

Week of January 13

Week of January 6


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