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L. E. Alford Collection


Many of these documents were copied by hand in a 26 page ruled tablet by Mr. L.E. Alford's niece Gladys Alford Allen. Watch the letters page for some of their correspondence. A version of the index listed first below was published in AAFA ACTION #79 and pieces of that index are used as titles for the extractions from the ruled tablet.

L.E. Alford's Index "Direct Index to Deeds" (source of the list below.)

DATE, GRANTEE, GRANTOR, BOOK & PAGE, BRIEF DESCRIPTION (arranged and being added by date.)

1803, Jun 4, Arthur Alford to Robert Conway, A-1, 159; "424 acres Horry District, also cattle, negroes, horses, hogs & furniture".

1808, Feb 21, John Alford to William Squires, A-1, 384; "200 acres S.W. side of Waccamaw river on the North side of Maple Swamp".

1810, Aug 13, Jesse & Susannah Alford to George B. Smith, A-1, 386; "100 acres Horry District".

1814, Feb 22, Barby Alford, Moses Alford and William Alford, A-1, 96; Stock Marks

1817, Aug 20, Arthur Alford to Southrin Alford, C-1, 243; $40 for 394 acres Horry District part of a grant to Wm. Snow in 1792. This item is out of order in LEA's list.

1827, Jun 15, Jesse Alford's "Affidavit of birth Joseph Alford, his Mother a white woman."

1831, Aug 10, Levi Alford to William Allen, C-1, 279 $40 for 400 acres on Kingston Lake Swamp. This item is out of order in LEA's list.

1837, Oct 27,John Alford Sr. to John Alford Jr., C-1, 262 Gift for love and affection 350 acres part of a grant to Wm.Rabon and Isaac Mishoe.

1843, Sep 18, John Alford, gift to his children L, 116; 1000 acres N. Side of Bug Swamp, also cattle, hogs, etc.

1847, Dec 1, Arthur Alford to John W. Mishoe, L, 415, 274 acres on Bug Swamp for $100.

1848, Jan 14, Warren T. Alford to James N. Ludlam L. 458, $15 for 30 acres on S. side Maple Swamp. Jan 14 1848.

1849, Dec 3, Meredith and Levi AlfordLK, 444, take "$1.00 for Negro woman named Jinny" from John Smith.

1858, Apr 12, Meredith Alford, N, 335, Affidavit as acting magistrate he married William H. Graham and Cynthia Prince in 1858, Horry District. Data entered incorrectly in LEA's spread sheet.

1883, Sep 19, W. H. Alford to Mary Long, V, 590, $100 for 75 acres on Rattle Snack Branch in Township of Bucks.

1883, Sep 18, Georgia S. Alford to Mary Long, V, 592, $400 for 183 acres in Bucks Township on Will Branch.

1884, Jul 17, Arthur S. Alford to James W. Todd, W, 264, 50 acres in Conwayboro Township for $50.

1885, Nov 27, Arthur S. Alford to E.T. Todd, X, 160, 20 acres on s. side of Poplar Swamp for $20.

1898, Dec 9, Harrison Alford to Joseph F. Harper,II, 38, 64 acres on the north side of Big Branch in Conway Township for $350.

1916, Apr 30, J.W. Alford to W.B. Hucks, G4, 3, 85 acres in Bucks Township. This one is not on LEA's list.

1804, Jul 7, B1, 16

1805, Nov 30, A1, 384,