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AAFA South Carolina Alford Genealogies

The following are what we see as the "South Carolina" Alford branches of the family or limbs of the Alford family tree.  They will be identified, summarized or otherwise described on this page and explored in-depth on subordinate pages. The branches are being redefined on a continuing basis. It is a work in progress so some may not be complete. They are being uploaded on an "as is" basis and we will improve upon them (with your help?) as we proceed.  Please let us know if you can correct or add to this information. We are especially anxious to hear from you if you can provide information to connect two or more of the branches.

Some of these genealogies posted are very skimpy.  Be assured that folks in AAFA are researching to extend the lines and will do so as soon as possible.  In some cases we are initially listing several ancestors from the branch because we are not sure which ancestor you will be searching for here. We eventually narrow these down to one entry.

Please note that as a work in progress the data is tentative and should be considered as such.  There is no proof for much of it so there must be error. There are obvious omissions.  Use it only as a clue for further research. During a short transitional period we will use genealogies previously published here but will be updating them.

The branches are organized or separated by Alford DNA groups and then arranged alphabetically.  We need more DNA results from male Alfords. For more about Alford DNA please go to ALFORD DNA

DNA Group One

Jacob Alford b. 1738 VA, m. Mary Pace.  A large part of this genealogy is not about SC Alfords but a large part is about
SC Alfords and we did not want to split the family.

William Alford ca 1735 NC. His spouse is not known but he had son John B. Alford b. ca 1765 who married Dolly Carroll. At one time we thought William was born in SC so one may still see such references.

DNA Group Two

John Redden Alford b. 1820 SC married Nancy Harrison.  The family settled in Milam Co., TX.  There were at least eight children and the genealogy extends through four of them.

DNA Group Three


DNA Group Four


DNA Group Five

Peachman Alford 1795 VA - 1862 AL which includes the following three that were previously shown separately: William Thomas Alford 1826 SC married Eliza Elizabeth Primm. Ephraim D. Alford 1829 SC - 1898 MS married (1) Fannie (2)Frances V. Reed S.E. Alford 1828 SC married Elizabeth.

DNA Group Six

Branches from which we have no DNA Test Results

Arthur Alford b. before 1775 married Clarky Sarvis and they had at least eight children.  Their genealogy extends through four sons, mostly in South Carolina.

Benjamin Alford b. 1836 SC, m. Ellen Johnson.

Coleman Alford b. about 1846 SC.  m. Ester, Genealogy extends through son Robert Coleman Alford b. 1888 SC.

George Alford b. ca 1850 SC m. Ellen

Giles Alford b. about 1852 SC, m. Lucinda.

Jesse Alford b. about 1785 SC, m. Mary.

Joel Alford b. about 1800 SC, m. Clarky B. Carroll.

John Alford b. ca 1787 SC.  It is not known who he married but there were at least three children and the genealogy extends through sons Hansford 1812 and John 1825.

Lodwick Alford b ca 1801 NC m (1) unknown, (2) Alvey _____.  There were at least seven children and the genealogy extends through Joseph 1822 SC-1885 GA.

Nero Alford b. 1808 SC whose wife is not known.  The AAFA genealogy proceeds through son Archie 1850 SC who married Rachael ____.

Robert Alford b. ca 1830 SC m. (2) Jannie _____.

Samuel Alford b. 1812 Darlington Co., SC married (1) Sarah and (2) Mary J.  There were at least eleven children of which one has an unknown name but who is thought to have married Elizabeth and had Noah Wenton 1857 NC and William Franklin 1863 NC.  The AAFA genealogy extends through these two grandsons of Samuel.

William B. Alford 1808 SC married Sarah Ann Snowden.  The family migrated to Texas via Alabama.  There were at least four children and the AAFA genealogy extends through two sons.

William Wilkes Alford 1831 SC  married Signa Caroline Stuckey and had at least one child, Noah Jesse Thomas 1859 TN through whom the genealogy extends.

Unknown Alford b. ca 1790 SC married Prudence b. ca 1794 in SC.  There were at least seven children of which William N. 1826 SC who married Zilpha extends the AAFA genealogy.

Unknown Alford b. ca 1810 married Matilda _____ b. 1811 in SC.  The family lived in Pike Co., MS where Matilda was enumerated several times.  There were at least four children.  The AAFA genealogy extends through Abraham b. 1844.

Unknown Alford b. ca 1815 SC married Elizabeth Harrell.  There were at least four children


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