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AAFA Site Updates -- 2007

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As new information or new pages are added, they will be listed below. Please take a few minutes to see how we've grown! Some of the files, particularly census files, are large PDF files and will take some time to load, especially with dial-up. Give them time as they are worth it.

The links provided below will take you to the top of a page. Sometimes you will need to scroll down to find what you want.

We are adding something to the member Ahnentafels that we post. For a while there will be some emphasis on members with whom we have lost contact. Mail sent to them is returned. When we post their Ahnentafel on the Updates page we will show a note (need add.) If you know their whereabouts or know that they are deceased, please let us know.

Week of December 30

Week of December 16

Our Beloved "Wick" Alford died December 19th. Watch for more about him here.

Week of December 9

  • Main Page

Week of December 2

  • Added ahnentafels for members with SC branches.
    AAFA #0254 John Philip Alford (need add.)
    AAFA #0277 Lou Floy Milligan (need add.)
    AAFA #0401 John Albert Burnett (need add.)
    AAFA #0540 Jack Allen Alford (need add.)
    AAFA #0617 Emanuel Peachman Alford (need add.)
    AAFA #0800 Claudette Alford Taylor (need add.)

Week of November 25

Week of November 11

Week of November 4

Week of October 28

Week of October 21

Week of October 14

Week of October 7

Week of September 30 - AAFA Meeting in Vicksburg

Week of September 23

Week of September 16

Week of September 9

Week of September 2

  • Posted PDF copies of AAFA ACTION, Issues #1-2 and #22-46
  • Added ahnentafels for 2007 meeting registrants
    AAFA #0033 Anne Alford Flippin
    AAFA #0059 Donald R. Alford
    AAFA #0120 Sally Stoewer
    AAFA #0230 Max Ray Alford
    AAFA #0249 Jeanne Singleton
    AAFA #0425 Noland David Alford
    AAFA #0537 Vesta Giddings Bowden
    AAFA #0562 Patricia Thorn
    AAFA #0606 Catherine Alford Ellard
    AAFA #0664 Michael Heazel
    AAFA #0666 Peggy Alford Schuster
    AAFA #0673 Carolyn Alford Saunders
    AAFA #0708 Frances "Nancy" Alford Herrington
    AAFA #0768 Norma Alford Idom
    AAFA #0832 Janet Alford Hemby
    AAFA #0904 Helen Steele
    AAFA #1172 Carl S. Alford
    AAFA #1175 Velta Brown
    AAFA #1270 Linda Smith
    AAFA #1295 Carol Alford Wright
    AAFA #1296 Joan Alford Turner

Week of August 26

  • Added ahnentafels for deceased members.
    AAFA #0014 Clara Brown
    AAFA #0096 Betty Butts
    AAFA #0194 John Warren Alford
    AAFA #0262 Thomas Wayne Robinson
    AAFA #0273 Gladys Alford Everhardt
    AAFA #0276 Rosanne Smith Soffer
    AAFA #0278 William Russell Alford, Jr.
    AAFA #0343 Vonceil Alford Strong
    AAFA #0384 James Arthur Alford
    AAFA #0417 Anne Douglass Alford Hays
    AAFA #0434 Ruth Sentell Bergeron
    AAFA #0445 Harrell Ovead Alford, Sr.
    AAFA #0461 Dorothy C. Gaines
    AAFA #0466 Lee M. Alford, Jr.
    AAFA #0479 Wallace Wayne Alford
    AAFA #0504 Annette Carolyn Gunn Thompson
    AAFA #0509 Robert Sherwood Alford
    AAFA #0519 Myrtie Alford Hunter
    AAFA #0553 Anna Louise Alford
    AAFA #0555 Walter Hoyle Alford
    AAFA #0608 Elmer Adron Alford
    AAFA #0631 William Cornelius Alford
    AAFA #0675 William Curtis Alford
    AAFA #0683 Walter Thomas Alford
    AAFA #0717 Julius Anderson Alford, Jr.
    AAFA #0719 Kathryn Alvord Perkins
    AAFA #0722 Floyd Shelby Alford, Jr.
    AAFA #0725 James Wesley Alford
    AAFA #0738 Roy Wade Adams
    AAFA #0742 Woodrow Simmons
    AAFA #0754 Oliver Perry Alford, III
    AAFA #0758 Norman Whitford Alford
    AAFA #0761 Jo Muriel Alford Roberts
    AAFA #0778 Ruth Alford Musick
    AAFA #0790 Robert Daniel Alford
    AAFA #0799 Francis Alford Franklin
    AAFA #0801 Delmar Ray Alford
    AAFA #0811 Virginia Alford Johnston
    AAFA #0898 Norma Fielding Berke
    AAFA #0914 Anna Berry Callaway
    AAFA #0980 Betty Jean Alford Wells
    AAFA #0987 Gwen Simmons Woodell
    AAFA #1074 James Alford Deal
    AAFA #1165 Hugh M. Bateman

Week of August 19

Week of August 12

Week of August 5

Week of July 29

Week of July 22

  • 1850 New York Census
  • Added ahnentafels for members.
    AAFA #0592 Walter Morrison Clerihew (need add.)
    AAFA #0603 Thelma Alford McGeorge (need add.)
    AAFA #0607 Joe Glen Gray (need add.)
    AAFA #0857 Richard N. Alford (need add.)
    AAFA #0933 James Chester Mohle (need add.)
    AAFA #0971 Howard A. Alford (need add.)
    AAFA #0972 Michael Foy Alford (need add.)
    AAFA #0973 Owen J. Alford (need add.)

Week of July 15

Week of July 8

Week of July 1

  • Added ahnentafels for members.
    AAFA #0256 Robert Warren Alford (need add.)
    AAFA #0280 Eleanor J.T. Nye (need add.)
    AAFA #0301 Mildred Alford Ward (need add.)
    AAFA #0554 Jacquelin Hall (need add.)
    AAFA #0884 Barbara B. Hogberg (need add.)
    AAFA #0895 Thomas E. Snowball (need add.)

Week of June 24

Week of June 17

Week of June 10

Week of June 3

Week of May 27

Week of May 20

Week of May 13

Week of May 6

Week of April 29

Week of April 22

Week of April 15

Week of April 8

Week of April 1

Week of March 25

Week of March 18

Week of March 11

Week of March 4

Week of February 25

Week of February 18

Week of February 11

Week of February 4


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