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Social Security Death Index
"Alfords" who died in South Carolina

The data in the file linked below this paragraph was extracted from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) found at RootsWeb, an community.

The data was current as of about November 1, 2007. While AAFA may have more information on the subject than is shown in this report data displayed here has been limited primarily to that available from the SSDI for the sake of brevity. Look for more complete data in other files available on this site.

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    When a female is listed in the SSDI it is not possible, without further research (see more below), to determine if she was born an Alford of if she married an Alford. In most such cases the record will contain a note like "may be a spouse." The absence of such a note does not mean the subject was born an Alford.

    Dates are expressed as YYYYMMDD. Locations are expressed as ST COUNTY where the county name is abbreviated. Other abbreviations: LR = last residence; LB = last benefits.

    In many cases no last residence data is provided in which case a small dash "-"; follows the death date.

    The file format suggests we know the place of birth of each subject, but that is not correct. The entry that implies place of birth is actually the state in which the social security number was issued - unless there is some explanation in the record. The "explanation" may be nothing more than the presence of the county in the birth place field.

    FURTHER RESEARCH: To learn more about any subject in the SSDI one may order a photocopy of the actual application for the social security card. From the RootsWeb site and while viewing the applicable record one can select an option to print a request for the record. The letter will include the current date and all applicable information except for your name, address, and phone number. If you prefer a version of the letter may be printed from this page, but it will be necessary to enter the subject's name, SSN and dates.

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    The cost for the service, in January 2008, was $27 if SSN is provided and $29 if the SSN is not provided.

    It would be appreciated if those who acquire a copy of the record would share a copy with AAFA. Please CLICK for AAFA's >CONTACT information.

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