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Tressie (Mrs Lewis O.) Bowman

Tressie Bowman, AAFA #0039 published her "Alford Family Bulletin" beginning almost 20 years before AAFA was created. It is the first known periodical devoted entirely to the Alfords. During the period July 1970 and Fall 1979 she published twelve issues that covered a variety of subjects. The twelve issues are listed below with a general description of content and with links to that content. They are PDF files scanned from the original. To keep file size down issues are broken into several parts as listed. As one can see in the listing of the content, Tressie had no plan or organization for the data. She was apparently publishing information as it was submitted or found. (TAKE TIME TO READ HER BIO NOW!)

As you review and work with this information remember it was done in the days of typewriters and mimeograph machines. There were a few commercial facsimile (Fax) machines and crude copy machines in those days but I doubt she had access to them. Personal computers came along a few years after she quit publishing. For more on Tressie Bowman see "Our History, Part IX."

The work did include our first known overall effort to extract the Alfords from the 1880 census Soundex records. As we post her 1880 Soundex information we plan to try to also post the latest AAFA 1880 data as it was taken from work done by the LDS Church and published on a set of 56 CD's. The Soundex record as used by Tressie included only those family which included a child age ten or below. The LDS Church and AAFA work includes all families. They will be linked from this page for comparison.

Look for more recent or more complete files on many of Tressie subjects in the applicable section of our data listings.

Watch for additions on about a weekly basis until this work is completed. You will be able to find them all listed here and the latest will be listed on our UPDATES.

Unless we can find "clean" copies of the originals somewhere some of the PDF copies will bear mark-ups done by Gil Alford in the early days of his "About Alfords."

Issue Date Content
1 July 1970   A)  Introduction, Miscellaneous Census, Wills, Military, Land, Marriage.
  B)  More Census.
  C)  Chart of Jacob Alford.
2 December 1970   A)  Introduction, AL Census - primarily 1880 Census Soundex.
  B)  Various state records including more census with 1880 MI Census Soundex.
3 July 1971   A)  Introduction, Census with GA 1880 Census Soundex.
  B)  Various state records.
4 December 1971   A)  Introduction, a page on "Northern" branch, Miscellaneous data.
  B)  Charts from the branch AAFA calls JOH696MD.
  C)  More on the family of Jacob Alford.
5 July 1976        Introduction and her first segment of Hugh Edwin Alford's "In Search of My Alford Ancestors" which is already on this site.
6 December 1976        Introduction and her second and last segment of Hugh Edwin Alford's "In Search of My Alford Ancestors" which is already on this site.
7 April 1977   A)  Introduction and LA 1880 Census Soundex.
  B)  Continuation of the JOH696MD branch in issue #4 and Miscellaneous data.
8 December 1977   A)  Introduction and Miscellaneous data including MS 1880 Census Soundex.
  B)  Miscellaneous data including some of Mr. L.E. Alford work and TN 1880 Census Soundex, and queries.
9 Spring 1978   A)  Introduction and SC & VA 1880 Census Soundex.
  B)  Miscellaneous state data.
10 Fall 1978        Introduction and NC 1880 Census Soundex.
11 Spring 1979   A)  Introduction and Miscellaneous data.
  B)  More Miscellaneous data.
12 Fall 1979        Introduction and Miscellaneous Texas Alford data.

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