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"Alford" obituaries, obtained from a number of sources, are included in state compilations, based on place of death. They are nearly always verbatim. In many cases we add AAFA NOTES: SSDI record, location of obituaries of related people, "Alford" lineage of the deceased, and links to AAFA's online genealogies. Women whose maiden or married name is (or was) "Alford" are included. The obituary identifies the newspaper, place, and date of publication. Often photographs of the deceased and their gravestone are added.

If you find obituaries of your relatives that lack photographs, consider submitting their photos and photos of their gravestones, if you have them, and I'll add them to the obituaries.

If you have obituaries that we're missing, we'd love to have them!

Thank you,
Pamela Alford Thompson
AAFA Obituaries Project Manager
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