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All records listed on this page can also be found on the applicable state data page and all Bible records listed on the various state data pages are also listed here.

Do you have an Alford family Bible, Bible records, or a Bible from another family with Alford information? Is there genealogical information you can share with AAFA members by publishing those names and dates? Be sure to include the publishing information in the front of the Bible, especially the publication date, as well as who the Bible originally belonged to and who has it now. If you know someone else who is in possession of such a Bible, please let us know or try to encourage that person to share the Alford information in the Bible with us.

  Family   (Sorted by Location, then last name.) Location
  Alford, Margarget M. Kentucky
  Alford, Nancy & John Q. Kentucky
  Alford, Ormon Family Kentucky
  Blackburn, Dr. Luke Pryor Kentucky
  Douthitt-Dugan Family Kentucky
  Fallis, Henry Hillard (Tobe) Kentucky
  Graham, Samuel B. Kentucky
  Jenkins, Greenup Kentucky
  Walker-Alford Kentucky
  Alford. William Cornelius Louisiana
  Alford, Columbus Washington & Mary Ann Glover   Mississippi
  Alford, Dr. & Mrs. John Franklin Mississippi
  Various Mississippi
  Alford, Sion & Clarky (McTyer) North Carolina
  Alexander, Absolom Tennessee
  Alford, Charles F. Tennessee
  Alford, D.G.W. Tennessee
  Alford, John Tennessee
  Alford, Ransford McGregor & Elizabeth B. Tennessee
  Gill, Henry Bascome Tennessee
  Harrison Family Tennessee

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