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D. G. W. Alford Bible

By Lynn D. Shelley, #0484
(Published in AAFA ACTION, Fall 1998, pp. 66-71)

The following Bible records were found in published sources at the TN State Library and Archives or sent to AAFA by the named source.

From Bible record sent by Lillian Lois R. Alford, AAFA Member #0305, of Baton Rouge, LA.
No information on Bible publication.
Transcribed from written records - several different persons' handwriting involved in entries.

Owned by Lloyd Benton "Bennie" Alford, 4231 Lake Livingston Court, Baton Rouge, LA 70816.

AAFA NOTES: It appears that this Bible first belonged to D. G. W. Alford and his wife and that it has belonged to several generations of Alfords. These are descendants of an East Tennessee family that we have not clearly identified but which seems to be in Sevier County, TN in 1840. The first really identifiable members in 1850 Blount County, TN are William Alford and wife Susan Rambo Alford with a daughter Eliza, age 2, and stepson John Rambo, age 9 [J. N. Rambeau above?]. Susan's maiden name was WRIGHT and she may have been the sister of another Alford wife [see Mary below]. Also in 1850 Blount County, TN, there are two other Alford households, probably both related to William. Immediately next to William in the census are a brother and sister, Robert and Nancy Alford, ages 24 and 21. Nancy married Meredith Lane in 1853 and Robert married Meredith's sister Sarah in 1866. These two families remained in Blount County, TN. Also in 1850, there is a Mary Alford, age 39, whose husband is deceased. Living in her household is a Devins G. Wright who we think is her brother.

With a son named D. G. W. Alford, what do you bet that this was also Susan's brother? The two-year-old ELIZA in 1850 (William and Susan's household) must have really been Lile A. Alford as he was born in 1848 and there is no further evidence of an Elizabeth in this family. In 1860 this family is not found in Tennessee and appears to have gone to Georgia where they are found in Murray County, Spring Place, in 1870. Mary Alford is living with her son Charles and son John Alford is nearby with his family living with a Rorex family, his in-laws. William and Susan are also found there (with sons Lile A. and Debru--DGW?) and may have died there or at least may be buried there as there is evidence that they are buried in the cemetery of a Presbyterian church there in Spring Place, GA.

We don't know where D. G. W. married in 1871 but Lile A. married in Bradley County, TN in 1872. All children of both families were born in Tennessee according to census records. In 1880 and 1900, Lile A. (in 1880, father of William, born 1816, living with him) and D. W. (with wife Sarah E. and family) are found in Bradley County, TN.

According to Lois Alford [widow of Wm. Edgar], D. G. W.'s family was in Texas by 1907 and according to 1920 TX census records, Deurix[?] W. (born 1852 TN), Joseph (born 1881 TN), and Walter S. (born 1887 TN) are all still living in Dallas County, TX. These were D. W. G. and his only living sons [in 1920] as can be seen from the Bible death record. The only Alford household left in Bradley County, TN in 1910 and 1920 is Locial Reno, son of Lile A. Alford. Lile is in Polk County, TN in 1910 and died in McMinn County in 1916. What happened to his son John D., born 1889? He married and had his first [?] child in 1922. Where was he in 1920 [buried back in Bradley County, TN]? Who was his wife?

In the Bible a marriage date is given for Walter S. Alford and Effie ALFORD[?] in 1908. In 1920, his wife is Maud C. Webb and his only child is Daisy Clara, born 1918. Were these the same or different wives? Much investigation is needed in early East Tennessee into the origins of this family and other Alfords. The missing 1820 East Tennessee census further complicates the issue.

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