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Blackburn Bible

By Lynn D. Shelley, #0484
From Published Sources

From GENEALOGIES OF KENTUCKY FAMILIES, from THE REGISTER of the Kentucky Historical Society, O-Y (Owens - Young), Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981, pages 738-741.


Page 738

Family Bible of Dr. Luke Pryor Blackburn, of Woodford and Franklin Counties, Kentucky, eminent authority on yellow fever, Surgeon in the Civil War under General Sterling Price, and governor of Kentucky, 1879-1883. Deposited on loan with the Society [Kentucky Historical Society], August, 1960, by Eugenia Blackburn, Curator of the Society's Museum.

Page 739
[only dates and events related to Alfords were copied]

AAFA NOTES:Jennie Alford was the daughter of Smith and Columbia ______ Alford, born about 1856, probably in Garrard County, KY. In 1870 her family was living in Midway, Woodford Co., KY, and it was here that she met her future husband and where they resided until her early death less than a year after her marriage. From HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, Vol. III. E. Polk Johnson, editor, New York: Lewis Publishing Co., 1912, pages 1270-1271 (Woodford County), where there is a biographical article of Smith A. Blackburn, M. D., it is learned that the son who as only 12 days old at the death of his mother (Smith Alford Blackburn, born 22 Aug 1875), not only survived but became quite prominent as a physician, obtaining his medical degree in 1899 from Columbian University [now known as George Washington University] in the city of Washington, D. C. and practicing as a physician in Louisville and then in Versailles, KY, in his home county of Woodford. His father married again after Jennie Alford's death to a Miss Ada Bibb of Arkansas, but they had no children. Dr. Smith Blackburn married Laura Browning in 1906 and in 1912, they had one daughter, Henrietta Blackburn. Jennie Alford was the great-granddaughter of Charles Alford, who was probably the first Alford in Kentucky.

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