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AAFA Kentucky Bible and Family Records


By Lynn D. Shelley, #0484
From Published Sources

From BIBLE RECORDS OF MERCER COUNTY, KENTUCKY FAMILIES published by the Harrodsburg Historical Society, Britton Printing Service, 1973. page 164.

In the possession of Martin E. Walker, Jr.

THE HOLY BIBLE, Holman's Edition
A. J. Holman and Co., No. 1222 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA, 1887
In the possession of Martin E. Walker, Jr., Harrodsburg, KY

AAFA NOTES: One assumes looking at the names in this Bible that it is the Bible of Myrtle Alford and husband Henry H. Walker, Jr. since they are the first births recorded. Myrtle was a daughter of Granville and either her father's first wife, Louisa Hendren, or his second wife, Sarah J. Goodlett. The 1880 census for Granville and Louisa (Mercer Co., E.D. 134, Sheet 20, Lines 28-33) have two daughters for this couple: Emma, age 7, and Sallie, 2/12. Emma is the Dessie in this Bible record. Their son Onias was born in August, after the 1880 census. Who is Sallie, who appears in no other records, including this Bible, and where is Myrtle??

In 1900 Myrtle is living in Lexington (Fayette Co.) with a cousin Henry Bush. She is age 21, born Oct 1878. Myrtle married H. H. Walker, Jr., there later in the year. In 1910 she is a widow with 0 children, living in Bourbon Co., KY.

Myrtleís death certificate and her gravestone list her birth year as 1883. Her death certificate and her obituary list her mother as Louise. However, her fatherís first wife, Louise, died in 1881 according to Bible record, which lists Myrtle Alfordís birthdate as 20 Oct 1878 as does the 1900 census, but she is not on the 1880 census. Her father married his second wife, Sarah, in 1882. Either Myrtle's 1878 birthdate in this Bible record and on the 1900 census is incorrect, or the 1883 birthdate in other records is incorrect.

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