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By Lynn D. Shelley, #0484
(Published in AAFA ACTION #76, Spring 2007, Vol. XIX No. 4)

AAFA previously published the bible records from the Bibles of Dr. & Mrs. John Franklin Alford of Copiah County and Elder C. W. Alford of Leake County in September 1991, Issue 14, p. 36. If you would like copies of these records, please contact the Bible Records Project Manager. CLICK for name, address and to email.

All of the following bible records (except the last one) were published in the Mississippi Genealogical Society's Cemetery and Bible Records/Bible and Cemetery Records from 1955 to 1998. The volume numbers and publication dates are given in the information below. Only pertinent information (Alford, spouse, spouse's parents and children) will be listed if it is not an ALFORD Bible. For a complete copy of the published bible record, contact the Bible Records Project Manager.CLICK for name, address and to email. The location of the family was not necessarily given in the bible record but was determined from other records. If you have additional information about these families or actual copies of these bible pages, please let AAFA know. Click the CONTACT link above for our address and to email us.

Volume II, 1955

Volume VII, 1960

Volume IX, 1962

Volume XII, 1967

Volume XV, 1974

Volume XVII, 1978

Volume XVIII, 1980

Volume XX, 1986

Volume XXII, 1990

Volume XXIII, 1992

Volume XXIV, 1998

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