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AAFA Site Updates --- 2022

Click here for a list of links to updates made in 2021 and prior years.

When added to this web site, new information or new pages will be listed below (newest to oldest).

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Each week's update will contain 1 or more categories, each containing a list of updated items.
CATEGORY NAME [black, bold, all caps] is a link to see the entire category.
Each listed
Item [blue, bold, upper and lower case] is a link to see the specific updated item.

Efforts continue to improve navigation and data display. Only new data will be mentioned in the weekly update(s).

In the absence of our AAFA ACTION quarterly, some updates may contain additional comments or a narrative to explain what is being updated, to make it more meaningful, or to inform, educate or maybe even inspire the visitor. The commentary website really is where the fun is with AAFA now. You can be a part of it. Just click here to email us.

WEEK 52:  DEC 25 - DEC 31

WEEK 50:  DEC 11 - DEC 17

WEEK 48:  NOV 27 - DEC 3

WEEK 38:  SEP 18 - SEP 24

WEEK 36:  SEP 4 - SEP 10

WEEK 32:  AUG 7 - AUG 13

WEEK 31:  JUL 31 - AUG 6

WEEK 30:  JUL 24 - JUL 30

WEEK 29:  JUL 17 - JUL 23

WEEK 28:  JUL 10 - JUL 16

WEEK 22:  MAY 29 - JUN 4

WEEK 1:  JAN 1 - JAN 8 --- [Long week. Sat, Jan 1 is included as an extra day for this week only.]



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