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AAFA OnLine Quarterly (Issues #90 - #96)
AAFA OnLine Newsletter (as of May 2013)

If you are not an AAFA member and would like to join AAFA, then go to Membership Application. Please print it, enter the applicable data, and send it, a check (payable to AAFA) for $5 and a copy of your pedigree or other information showing your Alford connection and ancestry to the AAFA Treasurer (click for address).
(For non-US applicants, please convert your currency into $5 USD cash.)

The links below will take you to pages containing the publications which are in pdf and/or html format. The pdf files may be opened, viewed, printed, and saved or downloaded. Click the file that interests you and it will open for viewing. It can be printed using either the printer icon on the toolbar within the file or by using your browser's FILE menu. If you wish to download or save the file to your computer, then open the FILE menu in your browser and select the "SAVE AS" option.

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Issue Number (select)
Date or Season
Volume, Number
Issue #90
Fall 2010 (released May 2011)
Volume XXIII, Number 2
Issue #91
Winter 2011 (released June 2011)
Volume XXIII, Number 3
Issue #92
Spring 2011 (released July 2011)
Volume XXIII, Number 4
Issue #93
Summer 2011 (released September 2011 [summer])
Volume XXIV, Number 1
Issue #94
Fall 2011 (released December 16 2011 [fall])
Volume XXIV, Number 2
Issue #95
Winter 2012 (released March 11 2012 [winter])
Volume XXIV, Number 3
Issue #96
Spring 2012
Volume XXIV, Number 4
Issue #97
Summer 2012
Volume XXV, Number 1
Issue #98
Fall 2012   FINAL ISSUE
Volume XXV, Number 2

Monthly Newsletter, 5/13
May 2013
Monthly Newsletter, 6/13
June 2013

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