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"ALFORD" Letters

On these pages we plan to share with you some of the letters received as part of our Alford effort over the last quarter century. They may include letters sent to Gil Alford and his "About Alfords" newsletter which was a forerunner of the Alford Association as well as letters to the association. Most of Gil's letters will be found with the letters of others.

These are not transcripts, but scanned images of the original letters. In some cases their pedigree form or attachments may be included. In other cases copies of Gil's related drafts will be included. In those days he did not print a final copy for his files, but for the sake of economy used the draft. You'll see those mark-ups. We apologize for the mark-ups and highlighting found on some of the documents. At the time he never imagined this would be happening and part of his administration of the Alford effort involved marking up and highlighting.

It is important to remember that just because a reputable member of our group wrote something in a letter does not make it true. In this phase of our work we are making no effort to debunk what some think is questionable. You are on your own in this regard.

Letters are being selected for one of three reasons: they are informative, they are interesting or they are important to the history of AAFA.

Sections or letters will be added slowly but regularly. It would pay to come back often to see what is here. Additions will be announced weekly on the UPDATES page.


Involving more than one correspondent.

From the time AAFA was established up until the mid 1990s most contact was by the then popular "letter." In AAFA ACTION from March 1992 through March 1993 several exchanges between Jim Alford of Houston, Gil Alford, Capt. Lodwick Alford, etc. were published. These letters, though published, did not reflect AAFA position and some were wrong when written or proven wrong later. We want to share those letters here and revisit some of the situations and include new AAFA NOTES by one or more member. If you have something to say we might even include your comments.

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