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AAFA Letters
Lucille Mehrkam, AAFA #0032
(1923 - 2011)

Lucille's Home Page

Many of us were privileged to meet Lucille at the 1989 AAFA meeting in Houston,TX. We met her again in 1990 Raleigh NC meeting.

PLEASE NOTICE: Many of the letters written by Gil Alford use AAFA letterhead which had preprinted information on officers and directors on the top right. Hence the blank space on the first page of some of his letters. In the early days he did not print a file copy of the final version of the letter and used a copy of the draft instead. They will be so identified.

  • 1982 Aug 19   Lucille's response to Gil's original form letter sent to those interested in "Alford", August, 1982.

  • 1982 Aug 26   Gil's reply to Lucille.

  • 1982 Aug 29   Lucille's 1st follow-up.

  • 1982 Sep 2   Lucille's 2nd follow-up.

  • 1982 Sep 7   Gil's receipt acknowledgement.

  • 1982 Sep 11   Gil's returning letter.

  • 1993 Jul 20   Lucille's very informative letter.

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