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AAFA Letters
Guy Alford
(1980 - 1952)

Guy Alford's Page

Although he died about two generations before the founding of the AAFA Guy Alford wrote letters that are as pertinent to our work today as it was to his in the 1950s. If you have not visited the main Guy Alford page then you should do so now.

Because of volume and circumstances we will never be able to keep the letters in chronological order or sequenced by importance. It is doubtful that we can even keep letters and their response linked in some way but we will try.

To assist those who are using this work, we will flag the last letter/s posted with and an asterisk *.
The date of the last posting was: December 10 2010.

  • Oct. 20, 1950   Guy Alford to his aunt Martha Alford Farthing. Very informative with several references to Guy's health and comments and questions about a number of Georgia Alfords. In this letter Guy is asking his aunt to record some of her memories for him and he provides a form. CLICK to see a copy of that form.

  • Apr. 9 1951   Guy Alford to Mrs. U.S. Gunn with some discussion of their work together.

  • May 19 1951   Guy Alford to Roy S. Alford with some discussion about data he had obtained from DAR records. Primarily William and William Alford Jr. and supposed kin Lodwick and James Alford.

  • Jun. 10 1951   Guy Alford to his aunt Martha Alford Farthing about an old Bible he received from Roy S. Alford.

  • Jun. 21 1951   First cousin James Olin Alford to Guy about his family.

  • Jun. 24 1951   Response to James Olin Alford to the letter he wrote June 24 above. This is a 12 page letter that is very interesting and informative. Some of it deals with Guy's personal history and health, other deals with the local Alfords and the last deals with his system or program.

  • Jul. 14 1952 *   Summary with questions to his aunt Martha Alford Farthing. The linked copy of this letter had the paragraphs numbered and some of them highlighted so that AAFA can comment and provide related links.
    --- In 3 he questions James's son Willie Alford. This is Wiley A. Alford b. Aug 13 1794 in GA who m. Martha and Richard L., Kinchen N. and Thomas. CLICK to see Locwick Alford's genealogy.
    --- In 4 there is some question about William Alford Sr. and William Alford, Jr in Hancock Co. For years we assumed this was Lodwick's son and grandson but research done by AAFA research chair Lynn Shelley proves they are the son and grandson of Salvatore Alford. Descendants of Lodwick and Salvatore have matching Y-DNA but we still do not have the traditional genealogical connection. CLICK for Salvatore Alford branch.
    --- In 8 there seems to be a question James and Julius Alford as sons of Lodwick. While they were not listed in the will, AAFA has other documentation to prove that they were Lodwick's sons. Guy seems to be looking for the link to his William Alford and that was through Lodwick's son Kinchen. See Lodwick's link above.

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