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Home page for Christie Alford Baldwin, AAFA #0006

Christie was an early member of the association and got to be known as something of a Lodwick Alford expert.  She made a presentation on Lodwick at the 1990 meeting in Raleigh, NC and she later reduced the presentation to book form and provided a copy to AAFA.  Christie prepared a mini autobiography with photos for the AAFA quarterly. During her lifetime she was a great help and contributor of information.  Before she departed this world she presented AAFA with a box of about 100 old and valuable document copies.



Getting to know Christie Alford Baldwin
Christie's AAFA Application
Christie's Pedigree


At the 3rd AAFA meeting held in Raleigh, NC in 1990 Christie made an outstanding presentation about the North Carolina land records of Lodwick Alford covering the period 1740 - 1794. In 1994 she made some minor changes and combined all of the pages into a book. Page numbers were added by the compiler. Those pages have been scanned into seven different segments which are listed and linked below. Some difficulties were encountered during the scanning process and some of the pages, particularly in the latter segments, are not properly oriented. We are working on it. Maybe in the meantime you will be able to rotate pages when you open or save the file.


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