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AAFA Letters
Lucy Shull Stevens, AAFA #0094

Daughter of Mrs. Lewis (Tressie) Bowman, AAFA #0039

Lucy's Home Page

Lucy Stevens, and her mother Tressie, were the focal point of Alford family history and research in the 1970's. See Tressie's "Alford Family Bulletin."

Before the AAFA was created they supplied Gil Alford, then publishing "About Alfords" with a wealth of information. Much of that information came in the way of their letters. Listed below are the early letters from Lucy. Pay particular attention to the highlighted paragraph in the third letter listed as in provides the transition to another extremely interesting set of letters.

Gil Alford was making maximum effort to reach all the folks interested in Alford family history in the early 1980's. He had the names of Lucy Stevens and Tressie Bowman and was after both of them - not knowing they were mother and daughter and they were both quite ill.

  • Aug. 8, 1983   Lucy's first response

  • Sep. 20, 1984   Lucy's second response

  • Oct. 9, 1984   Lucy's third response. Pay particular attention to the highlighted section on page 2.

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