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AAFA Data Records for the state of North Carolina

This page last updated Feb 18 2013 at which time links were not checked.
Jan 8, 2012 Added Biography & Autobiography
May 5, 2012 Added 1880, 1900, 1910 & 1920 census
Nov 1, 2012 Added Green Berry Alford 1787 genealogy
Nov 6, 2012 Added 1996 NC Alford directory Nov 16, 2012 Added Beginning of WW II NC Draft Registration
Feb 18, 2013 Added John H. Alford genealogy

While we do have some North Carolina Alford information what we have is not complete. We would appreciate it if you would find more and report it to us at Perhaps you would like to begin on the North Carolina USGENWEB site which you can access via NCGenWeb We suggest you start there with a search for "Alford."

The following files contain information about Alfords in North Carolina.

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