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North Carolina Alford Land Data

We are going to be posting a lot of NC land data in a variety of formats.  Undecided as how best to organize the data at this time we are just going to list the earlier entries and get organized as we go.  Your comments will be appreciated.  Just send an email to alford_staff@alfordassociation.org

General Grantee Index to Alford Real Estate Conveyance, Etc. Franklin Co., NC.  This index was prepared and submitted to AAFA by the late Mary Alford Intellini, AAFA #0707.  We expect to eventually display this data in a conventional HTML table where we will have links to some of the documents listed.  In the meantime enjoy MARY INTELLINI'S handiwork.

Before her death, AAFA #0006,Christie Alford Baldwin, furnished AAFA much of the data she had collected during her lifetime. It is identifed here with CAB.

THE LATE CHRISTIE ALFORD BALDWIN'S "BOOK" -- 67+ pages pertaining to Lodwick Alford and his land records.

Dr. James M. Edwards, AAFA #0008 donated several large photostatic copies that he had acquired from the North Carolina Archives. The images were reversed and they were scanned or photographed. Some are listed here identified with JME.

GRANT Julius Alford 1744 Granville Co. NC(JME)

DEED Lodwick & Sarah Alford 1758 in Edgecombe Co., 282 acres to Thomas Gardner (CAB)

GRANT James Alford 1761 Granville Co. NC(CAB)

DEED James Alford 1769 Bute Co., NC(CAB)


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