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This page will be used to help us document the history of AAFA and our overall Alford family history and genealogical effort.

Before AAFA, there was much important Alford genealogy and family history work done by others. To learn more about some of that see our page on Published Work of Others.

Initially the program will involve two sources that are used elsewhere.  They are the annual meeting reports that are found on the meetings page, but are also linked here; and the "Our History" articles being written for publication in the quarterly, AAFA ACTION.

There is no direct relationship between the two columns below
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   1988 Meeting in Atlanta, GA    Part I, AAFA ACTION #62. Fall 2003;
   Jan 82 - Aug 30 82;
   Introduction, Lee Ann Turner (AAFA#0020), Lucille Mehrkam (AAFA#0032), Deena B. Cross Smith (AAFA#0126), Mary Louise Reynolds,
   Ranelle Foster, Edna Jean Alford Meade.
   1989 Meeting in Houston, TX    Part II, AAFA ACTION #63, Winter 2004;
   Sep 5 82 - Sep 18 82;
   Myra Ozier Hunt, Joy S. Laney, Jacqueline Alford, David Price, Jr. (AAFA#0168), Elmer K. Miller (AAFA#0984).
   1990 Meeting in Raleigh, NC    Part III, AAFA ACTION #65, Summer 2004;
   Sep 16 82 - Sep 21 82;
   Marshall Kim Gardner, Charles H. Sleight (AAFA#0441), R.A. Alford (AAFA#0119), Delores (Mrs. Martin G.) Alford (AAFA#0147),
   L.E. Alford (he died the month in which creation of AAFA was announced).
   1991 Meeting in Jackson, MS    Part IV, AAFA ACTION #67. Winter 2005;
   Sep 27 82 - Oct 14 82;
   Julus M. "Pooley" Alford (AAFA#0013), Gloria Clark, Reva McGoogan, Elizabeth A. Duncan (AAFA#0366), Dale R. Best, Eileen Alford.
   1992 Meeting in Destin, FL    Part V, AAFA ACTION #68, Spring 2005;
   Oct 8 82 - Oct 19 82;
   ABOUT ALFORDS #1 (Nov 1982); Geraldine Showalter, Bobby Pace Alford AAFA#0669), Shirley (Mrs Carroll) Alford (AAFA#0212),
   Rod Bush (AAFA#0116), Katherine Black (AAFA#0134).
   1993 Meeting in St. Francisville, LA    Part VI, AAFA ACTION #70, Fall 2005;
   Oct 22 82 - Nov 15 82;
   Weston Adams (AAFA#0035), John & Janet Markley, Alberta Alford Skillen (AAFA#0015), Hayden Alford, Peggy Alford Schuster (AAFA#0666),
   Susan Laubengayer (AAFA#0647).
   1994 Meeting in Richmond, VA    Part VII, AAFA ACTION #71, Winter 2006;
   Nov 12 82;
   Dr. John A. Alford
   1995 Meeting in Decatur, AL    Part VIII, AAFA ACTION #74, Fall 2006;
   Nov 15 82 - Dec 5 82;
   Hazel Rea (AAFA#0060), Judi Hogan, Betty Alford Dietz, Felma G. Headrick, Rose Alford Shelton (AAFA#0192); Eva Frances Alford (AAFA#0085),
   Anne Alford Flippin (AAFA#0033), Haidee Reeves (AAFA#0210).
   1996 Meeting in Springfield, MO    Part IX, AAFA ACTION #79, Winter 2008;
   Sep 8 1982 - Dec 8 1982;
   Mrs. Lewis O. (Tressie) Bowman (AAFA#0039).
   1997 Meeting in Pleasanton, CA    Part X, AAFA ACTION #80, Spring 2008;
   Dates and names are not applicable in this issue which is a summary that includes the list of the first 106 contacts.
   56 of these later joined AAFA. Only 44 of the 106 were introduced in the above listed articles.
   1998 Meeting in Paducah, KY  
   1999 Meeting in San Antonio, TX  
   2000 Meeting in Augusta, GA  
   2001 Meeting in Raleigh, NC  
   2002 Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT  
   2003 Meeting in Little Rock, AK  
   2004 Meeting in Baton Rouge, LA  
   2005 Meeting in St. Louis, MO  
   2006 Meeting in Nashville, TN  
   2007 Meeting in Vicksburg, MS  
   2008 Meeting in Columbia, SC  
   2009 Meeting in Dallas, TX  
   2009 Tours in Dallas, TX  
   2010 Meeting in New Orleans, LA  
   2011 Meeting in St. Louis, MO  
   2012 Meeting in Houston, TX  
   2013 Meeting in Raleigh, NC  
   2014 Meeting in Dallas, TX  
   2015 Meeting in Gulfport, MS  
   2016 Meeting in Shreveport, LA  
   2018 Meeting in San Antonio, TX  

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