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We are fortunate to have the published Alford work of several others. We are exceedingl grateful for their efforts and the Alford community will be indebted to them forever. Some of these works have been published in the AAFA quarterly, AAFA ACTION and will not be mentioned or covered here.

The Burke and Alvord Memorial: A Genealogical Account of the Descendants of Alexander Alvord, of Windsor, Conn. Compiled by John A. Boutelle for William A Burke. (Boston: H.W. Dutton and Son, 1864) The Alvords occupy half of this book. The first half is devoted to Burke. There is also "A very brief Genealogy of some of the Descendants of Benedict Alvord, of Windsor, Conn." There are several useful appendices. Some of this work will be (or perhaps has been) scanned and linked here. Other parts have been or will be integrated into the AAFA system.

Rev. Josiah George Alford's, Alford Family Notes Ancient and Modern, published 1908 in London is the most extensive work known pertaining to the Alfords of England prior to the mid 19th century. You will find access to the whole work herein. This is an exception to the policy announced above of not repeating work that was published in the quarterly.

Samuel Morgan Alvord's A Genealogy of the Descendants of Alexander Alvord an Early Settler of Windsor, Conn. and Northampton, Mass is a continuation and update of The Burke and Alvord Memorial mentioned above. This is a 823 page work published in Webster, NY in 1908. Parts of it will be or has been scanned and linked here for your information. Most of it is being integrated into the AAFA genealogy file that updates and extends the 100 year old work. Parts of that can be found in the genealogies section of the database pages.

In about 1972 Hugh Edwin Alford finished his In Search of My Alford Ancestors. It is not known that he ever formally published the work but it has been photocopied many times and can be found in interested libraries and it was published in two issues of the Alford Family Bulletin (see below).

Mrs. Lewis O. (Tressie) Bowman published the Alford Family Bulletin from July 1970 to Fall of 1979. There were 12 issues ranging from 7 to 22 pages with most around 15 pages. Two of the issues were devoted to publishing Hugh Edwin Alford's In Search of my Alford Ancestors mentioned above.

Sketch of Alford Family was compiled by the late Jewell Alford Gallaugher, AAFA #0003. A copy of the sketch was sent to Gil Alford by Deena B. Cross, AAFA #0126 in 1982 when he was just beginning his Alford work. It was not until the next year that he made contact with Jewell. They corresponded for about six years after that. The file size of this genealogy is about 4MB. If you have trouble accessing it, then email for a copy. Please place "Attn: Librarian" on the email subject line. Jewell once informed Gil that she was a self-taught typist and you will appreciate that as you work with the genealogy. She did an awesome job though to compile 34 legal size pages (reduced for this version) in the days before computers, copy machines, etc.

Gilbert K. "Gil" Alford, Jr., one of the founders of this association, began publishing About Alfords in 1982. It was a more or less quarterly newsletter of about 24 pages. It continued for 37 issues until 1991 when it was discontinued in favor of the AAFA Quarterly. Gil "inherited" the works of Tressie Bowman and the AAFA "inherited" Gil's work.

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