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About Alfords

This is not being posted here for genealogical resource material. It is being published as something of a historical reference as relates to the Alford American Family Association and the Alford work that went before. To some extent the publication of this work will parallel the "Our History" being published in AAFA ACTION. Some of this information will be illegible but in most cases a later and better version has been published elsewhere. Unfortunately in some cases the data is outright wrong. When it appears necessary, or when one of you request it, we will rework. or prepare commentary on, applicable segments and link them from the table below.

Gil Alford began publishing About Alfords in 1982 with issue number 1. It began as an eight page free newsletter to one and all but quickly changed to subscription based priced at $10 per year. In 1987 the Alford American Family Association "sprang" from the newsletter. About Alfords continued until the Fall of 1991 and issue number 37 to give the Alford association quarterly time to mature. It was being edited by Pamela Alford Thompson who held that job for almost 12 years. Gil used to say that he was not sure the association would succeed so he wanted to keep his hand in via About Alfords. There was also the problem of getting the About Alford subscribers to join the association.

The early issues, done with an Atari 800 computer and a don-matrix printer used honest to goodness cut by scissors and paste by glue, and did not reproduce well. If you come across an article that is not legible and you would like an individual reprint of that article contact us via the link above and we will see what we can do for you.

"I'm terrible about making up, x'ing out and highlighting material with which I work. Some of my copies were not good enough for this project. Thanks to Janice Smith for providing clean copies. While I'm here... please forgive me for all the promises I made that were never fulfilled." - Gil Alford

Click on the date below to open the pdf file IF there is an entry in the CONTENTS column.

1 Nov 1 1982 8 All: 1,030KB; Introduction, John Alfords, Lodwick Alfords, Pedigree Potpourri Alford Family Bulletin, Alford Directory
2 1 Quarter 1983 10 All: 529KB; Alford Exchange, Pedigree Potpourri, John Alfords, Alford Directory
3 April 1 1983 24 Part I: 516KB; Lineages, Exchange, Editors Comments
Part II: 1.5 MB; Look at Lodwick, Pedigree Potpourii, Early Alfords
Part III: 1.35 MB; Wills, Lodwick Charts, Lodwick discussion
4 July 1 1983 26 Part I: 1.6 MB; Editors comments, Alford Data Bank, Bible Records
Part II: 1.2 MB; Computing Comments, Alabama Marriages, Thomas Alford 1725 VA, Alford Inventory
Part III: 622KB; John Madison Alford, Jacob Alford, Old Letters, Exchange
5 October 1 1983 24 Part I: ~700KB; Computing Comments, Thomas Alford, John Alford, Jacob Alford
Part II: ~525KB; Editors comments, Jacob Alford, Alford Exchange, Data Bank - B, Pedigree Puzzlers
Part III: ~550KB; Julius Alford, Alvord Family
6 January 1984 30 Part I: ~925KB; Alford Inventory, 1850 & Alford Data Bank - Explained, Editors Comments & Alford Exchange
Part II: ~925KB; Alford Data Bank - C File
Part III: ~472KB; Julius Alford
7 April 1984 26 Part I: ~1,358KB; Hayden Lee Alford, Family Feedback, Jacob Alford 1738, Alford Exchange, Jacob Alford of Kentucky, Family Coverage
Part II: ~854KB; I'm My Own Grandpa, An Old Home, Obituaries, Editor's Comments, Alford Data Bank - D file
8 July 1984 26 All: 1.91MB; Jacob 1738 VA, Exchange, Michael 1765E, Feedback, Julius 1717 VA, 1790 census,E-file (1)
9 October 1984 26
10 January 1985 32
11 April 1985 26
12 July 1985 34
13 October 1985 38
14 January 1986 36
15 April 1986 32
16 July 1986 28
17 October 1986 40
18 January 1987 34 All: 1.85mb; The usual and first mention of an Alford Association, Virginia Records 1620's - 1750, genealogy of John Alford who d. 1748 Frederick Co., VA
19 April 1987 24
20 July 1987 32
21 October 1987 30
22 January 1988 42
23 April 1988 34 Part I to be added later
24 July 1988 30
25 October 1988 34
26 Winter 1989 44
27 Spring 1989 40
28 Summer 1989 30
29 Fall 1989 32
30 Winter 1990 20
31 Spring 1990
with 32)
# 32
32 Summer 1990
with 31)
33 Fall 1990
with 34)
# 34
34 Winter 1991
with 33)
35 Spring 1991 32
36 Winter 1991 32
37 Fall 1991 26  

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