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These pages are being used to provide an update to the genealogy of Alexander Alvord published just over a century ago in 1908. This work will be in three parts.

The first part will be the 29 pages that preceded the actual genealogy in the form of actual scanned paged from a reprint of the original work.

The second part will be the genealogy which is an update and expansion on the 1908 version. Using a state of the art computer genealogy program the original data is included, corrected when needed, and supplemented with much of the census data that has become available over the last 100 years. Where information was available female lines have been extended while they were cut off after the one generation in the original work.

The third part will continue the use of the term used in the original work- Supplemental Data. However, while some of the original supplemental data will be used, some of it has been integrated into the genealogy, some has been updated, and new added.

Part One: Front pages, preface, etc.

Part Two: The genealogy.

Part Three (supplemental data): The Alvord Line From the AAFA Quarterlies.

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