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Issue #96

Volume XXIV, Number 4                                         Spring 2012

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Purposes, Officers, etc.

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The President's Corner

Treasurer's Report


Finding Sarah Alford
by Milt Folds

North Carolina Bible Records
by Lynn Shelley

Web Site Updates

AAFA Anniversary
[1989 Houston Meeting]
By Gil Alford, Creator of the Alford Association

We continue to add to the anniversary page which has evolved into something of a chronology. We are up to 1997 but there is much that was skipped over with intentions of fleshing it out as we proceed. CLICK to see the Timeline.

The main anniversary emphasis this quarter is a reprint of the nine page report on the 1989 AAFA meeting in Houston. The very large turnout and otherwise successful meeting proved that AAFA would likely work—especially after the turnout of about a dozen for the 1988 Atlanta meeting. CLICK to see the reprint.

The 1989 photographs even in the original printing left something to be desired, but they are worse in the reprint. Not to worry! All of those photographs are on the website. There is one list that has no comments - just a link to the photo with the assumption you could read the captions in the quarterly. There is a linked list that repeats the links to all of these photos, but the list contains descriptions as well. CLICK to see the list..

We have an ambitious plan to "revisit Houston 1989" before the meeting there in October. There are over 50 photos from that meeting that have never been published or otherwise shared with folks. Unfortunately in the last 23 years many of those present have died and some of them cannot be identified. We are making files that are arranged first as a list by member or person attending and then by photograph. These are being cross linked, identified as best we can, and discussed as applicable. As we proceed the revisited files will be linked also from the URL listed in the previous paragraph.

We will probably be sharing, in the online newsletter, some reflections on the reprint that can be found in the revisited file. No effort was made to force the attached reprint into the format or style currently in use.

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