The Official Publication of the
Alford American Family Association, Inc.

Includes Alford, Allford, Alvord, Alfred, Halford,
and all spelling variations

Published Quarterly

Issue #95

Volume XXIV, Number 3                                         Winter 2012

Table of Contents

This digital version is essentially the same as the printed version except in those cases where things are made possible by "digital."

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Purposes, Officers, etc.

Important Editorial Comments

The President's Corner

Treasurer's Report


New Member Lineage

First Presidents Page

AAFA Anniversary

AAFA - In the Beginning

Photos from 2011 Missouri Meeting

In Remembrance, Members

In the printed version only the 2012 updates were included.
There were some updates from 2011 that had not been published.
Ignore the difference in the looks of the links. They both work the same.

Updates from 2011
Updates from 2012

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