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Alford Reference Home

A place where one can do "ONE-STOP" research!

From this page you can access two types of AAFA references.
  • In the first part are listed the published or otherwise written sources for much of our information. References or sources found there relate to other files and records in our Alford data system.
  • In the second part the sources or references are arranged by and keyed to a particular ancestor or Alford. Information here sometimes permeates the entire data system.PLEASE DON'T FAIL TO SCROLL DOWN AND CHECK THIS OUT.

    Compilation of Published or Otherwise Written Sources
    These sources are organized and listed by state.

    LEGEND     (Supersedes that found at the beginning of each of the lists.)

  • First line is title.

  • Second line is Author, if known.

  • Next line contains AAFA references:
  •   All References (for All States)
      General or Multi-State References:
      Alabama   Arkansas   Georgia   Kentucky
      Louisiana   Mississippi   Missouri   North Carolina
      Oklahoma   South Carolina   Texas   Virginia
      West Virginia      

    Reference by Ancestor of Alford

    This is a reference or index (not complete) file from which site visitors may locate and access a variety of information on the site about our Alford ancestors and other Alfords who are not members of the association. It will be an aid to those who maintain the site as well as visitors. It is not currently complete and may not be for some time so if you do not find what you are looking for here please use the FIND box at the bottom of the home page.

    Check out Clarence Erwin Alford under the C files for an example of "one-stop" research. And look at the Js.

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