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Alford Reference File
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This is a reference or index (not complete) file from which site visitors my locate and access a variety of information on the site about our Alford ancestors and other Alfords who are not members of the association.  It will be an aid to those who maintain the site as well as visitors. It is not currently complete and may not be for some while so if you do not find what you are looking for here please use the FIND box at the bottom of the home page.

In some cases the link from this file will be to a large composite file such as an obituary, census or genealogy file.  When that is the case you will be on your own when you get there and you should use the FIND option there to find your subject.

  Laura Jane Alford  
  Family Group Record  
  Marriage Bond & Certificate  
  1899 KY - 1969 KY  
  Lodwick Alfor  
  Family Group Record  
  ca 1710 VA - 1800 NC  
  Luther Wroten Alford  
  Family Group Record  
  Death Certificate of 2nd Wife  
  1907 MS - 1993 MS  

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