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The Master Booklist is a compilation of references to Alfords (and spelling variations) contained in books. Entries are organized by state and county, with books covering multiple states appearing first. Each entry lists the book name and publication data followed by the name in bold print of every Alford listed on the pages that AAFA has. Spelling variations are listed in upper case following Alford listings. The page number where the name is found is listed next followed by a brief description (and sometimes the complete listing) of what information about the person is contained on the page.

Purposes of the Booklist
Requesting Copies of Pages from the Booklist
Contributing to the Booklist
States in italics have no listings. Date shown represents the latest update.

Alabama 1999 Alaska Arizona Arkansas 1999
California 1999 Colorado 1999 Connecticut 1999
(Family Histories 1999)
District of Columbia Florida Georgia
(Family Histories 1999)
Idaho 1999 Illinois 1999 Indiana 1999 Iowa 1999
Kansas Kentucky 1999
(Family Histories 1999)
Louisiana 1999 Maine
Maryland 1999
(Family Histories 1999)
Massachusetts 1999
(Family Histories 1999)
Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
New York 1999 North Carolina
(Family Histories 1999)
North Dakota Ohio 1999
(Family Histories 1999)
Oklahoma Oregon 1999 Pennsylvania 1999 (Family Histories 1999) Rhode Island
South Carolina 1999 South Dakota Tennessee
(Family Histories 1999)
(Family Histories 1999)
Utah Vermont 1999
(Family Histories 1999)
Virginia 1999
(Family Histories 1999)
West Virginia 1999
(Family Histories 1999)
Wisconsin Wyoming Multiple States
(Family Histories 1999)
Foreign 1999

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