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Web Site Updates

If you have not visited some of the items listed below then you are missing out on much of the AAFA activity of the day. Please go to the web site via the link below, check some of these out and let us know what you think. Direct your comments to alford_staff@alfordassociation.org. The link for the site: www.alfordassociation.org.

We are very much aware of the fact that forty or so of our members are not on line and we don’t want them to miss out on anything here that might interest them. If any of you see something that interests you just send us a note asking to see more about (your area of interest). Mail to AAFA, Attn:WebSite, POB 1297, Florissant, MO 63031. We will send you something and stick with you until you are satisfied.

The following are the updates since the last report in AAFA ACTION #94.  Because of the very few updates thus far in 2012 they are not included here.  The next report of updates will begin with Jan. 1, 2012.





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