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The photographs on these pages are not just of Pat Smith. Some are of her, but others were submitted by her and pertain in some way to family. We may expand this to include a segment of photos of Pat submitted by members of her family and other kin.

Pat, Her Family, and Her Kin
(many more to come)

1967 -- 79th Birthday of Frankie Leoda Alford Smith

CENTER: Leoda Alford Smith 1888-1971

Back Row, left to right: General G. Breeland, Jr. (1935-1993), Brenda Joyce Stringer,
Joana Brock Breeland (1933-2021), Thelma Smith Uhlman (1911-1983), Dewey Cassiburi,
Faye Seward Smith (1921-1998), Eliza Jane Smith Smith (1904-1992),
Jarrett Vandon Smith (1921-1961), Lydia Joana Smith Tidwell (1907-1968),
Cletus William Stringer, Patricia Ann Brock Smith (1932-2010),
Peggy Joyce Brock Stringer (1930-1979), Patricia Gail Smith, Walter C. Uhlman (1893-1968).

Front Row, left to right: Mollie Doyld Warlaw Smith, Joe Pete Breeland,
Randell Jace Breeland (1956-2003), Dollie Irene Stringer, Debbie Cassaburi,
Mack Leslie Breeland, Laura Laroy Breeland, Kim Lee Smith, Michael Denny Smith.

Pat at AAFA Meetings

Some of these photos will be, or have been, linked from other member pages or from meeting pages.

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