AAFA Meeting 1998 Paducah, Kentucky

The above photo was published in AAFA ACTION, Spring 1999 #44. page 79.

Published caption: Standing: Jeanne and Cliff Singleton, #249, LA; Dick and Jeanne's sister Sally Stoewer, #120 LA; Nolan David and Mary Alford, #425 LA; guests Hugh and Marie Bateman*; Scott and April Ernst, #269 MO; and April's father AAFA President Gil Alford, #019 MO.  Seated: Pat Smith, #064 MS, Frankie Penny, #704 LA, Betty Alford Wall, #779 MS, Estelle "Dock" Alford, #848 LA, and Gil's wife Mary Alford. Jeanne, Sally, Nolan David, Hugh, April, Gil, Pat, Frankie, Betty and Estelle*, are all descendants of John Seaborn Alford, born 1807 in LA.
* The late Hugh "Mac" Bateman and Marie later joined AAFA as members #1165
* Estelle was not a descendant of John Alford but was the widow of the late Lester Clayton Alford, who was.

Photo by Janice and John Smith, AAFA Photo Archivists