AAFA MEETING, 2002, Salt Lake City, Utah

The above photo was published in AAFA ACTION, Winter 2003 #59, page 88.

Published caption: Robert Merrit, #1132 OR, Marie Bateman, Vesta Bowden, #0537 TX, Mary and Gil Alford, #0019 MO, Hugh Bateman, #1165 LA, Sally and Dick Stoewer, #0120 LA, Pat Smith, #0064 MS, Joana Breeland, #1142 MS, Jeanne and Clif Singleton, #0247 LA, Helen Steele #0904 CO, Seanne Carrigan, #0336 CA, Carolyn and Will Saunders #0673 TX. [Helen's husband, Bob Steele].  Robert is a descendant of William Alford born in 1804 in Georgia, Vesta, Gil, Hugh, Sally, Pat, Joana, Jeanne, and Seanne are all descendants of John Seaborn Alford born 1807 in Louisiana. Helen is a descendant of Joseph Alford born in 1815 in Louisiana.  Carolyn is a descendant of Edwin B. Alford born in 1792 in North Carolina. 

WEB NOTE:  John Seaborn, Joseph, and Edwin B. were all brothers, sons of Jacob Alford b. 1761 in NC.

Photo by Janice and John Smith, AAFA Archivists.