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Home page for Lucille Mehrkam, AAFA #0032

Although Lucille was the 32nd member of AAFA, she was one of the very first persons to correspond with Gil Alford and help when he first began his Alford work. Were it not for Lucille and the vast amount of Alford data she supplied, it is probable that you would not be reading this now, that Gil would never have begun publishing About Alfords, and that the Alford association would never have been formed. Few folks, even to this day 30 years later, have provided AAFA more Alford information than did Lucille. Read the first few letters listed below to see what we mean. Lucille became the main thrust in the area of Alfords from Texas in the early days of About Alfords, and after AAFA was formed, she served for years as the AAFA Texas State Representative. Later, when a Texas chapter of AAFA was created, she became the Genealogist of that group. Lucille was present at the 1989 Texas meeting and again at the 1990 North Carolina meeting. Health prevented further meeting participation, and for the last several years she suffered with macular degeneration.




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