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County & Alford Relationships

Most of us have been cautioned about keeping our facts straight as regards where our Alfords were when various events in their lives took place.  Simply stated we need to know WHERE WHO was WHEN WHAT took place.

To assist in understanding this better we have, using Animap software, devised a set of maps that will help illustrate the evolution of counties as related to our more prominent Alfords of the time.

The situation is much more critical in some states than in others.  We will be posting some of them here from time to time.  If there is a particular state and county in which you are interested, that is not posted, please contact AAFA to request it be done.

See the USGENWEB Franklin County page for most of what you would like to know about the county.
North Carolina, Franklin County

Franklin County Evolution as depicted here involves Bute, Granville & Edgecombe counties

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