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Founding Documents

The Association had its beginnings in 1987, evolving from Gil Alford's "About Alfords," which he had been publishing since 1983. Listed and linked below are ten items that document the Association from the first public announcement about it in January 1987 until the State of Missouri issued a certificate of incorporation in December 1987.

January 1987 First Public Announcement Gil Alford, seeing the need for better organization, more financial support and "immortality," had discussed the idea of an association with a few of his newsletter subscribers. This is the first time the idea went public. In the first paragraph of this document there is reference to a membership application and an information sheet. They are listed and linked below. In the latter there is reference to an ALFORD FAMILY WORKSHEET, a form that was given broad distribution in those days. Also listed and linked below is a copy of the current version of that form.
  Application for Founding Membership The attached was recycled from an application since blank forms are no longer available. It is self-explanatory.
  Membership Applicant Information Sheet This form went with the application forms, and the returns on these forms were the basis for the initial staffing of the Association, including the first officers.
  Alford Family Worksheet This is the form on which one's Alford lineage can be documented, providing for more space and information than is available on the traditional pedigree form.
March 23 1987 Registration of Fictitious Name The first action taken was to acquire a post office box so that an address, other than Gil's home address, could be used. Next was a visit to the bank to open an account for the Association at that POB address. Here it was discovered that it was necessary to register the organization with a fictitious name with the Secretary of State before an account could be established.
August 29 1987 Request for laws and forms It was becoming obvious that professional legal help would be required to get the Association up and running. This is a letter to Missouri Secretary of State requesting copies of the laws and forms needed.
December 1987 Letter transmitting Articles of Incorporation After considerable effort and closer collaboration with some of the members, the first Articles of Incorporation had been completed and were submitted with this letter.
December 1987 Articles of Incorporation - Missouri Form In order to be incorporated, AAFA had to have three persons on the board of directors who had to sign the form requesting incorporation. Desiring persons with the Alford name and with some prominence in the Alford community, Capt. Lodwick Alford and Julius M. Alford were asked to become involved here.
December 1987 Actual initial Articles of Incorporation This is a copy of the original articles, which have since been revised several times.
December 1987 Certificate of Incorporation After a year's effort, AAFA was rewarded with this Certificate of Incorporation from the Missouri Secretary of State.

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