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I Nancy Alford of Garrard County Kentucky being old and infirm, but as I suppose of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make the following disposition of my real and personal estate to wit--

My will and desire is that my negroes Joseph, Henry, Jerry, Cary, Charlotte, Leveny, Nournon ?, Juliann, Lucyann, Mary and Joanna or any others that may belong to me at my death together with all other property that I may be possessed of at my death be sold by my Executors or Executor or administrators or admr, upon such credit as they or any one of them may think most advisable for the benefit of my children and heirs, and the proceeds of the sale after the payment of all my just debts & legal liabilities are paid, be equally divided between my children, Charles John, Payton & Jesse Alford, Patsy Jenkins, Polly King & Wm. Alford (with a perfect understanding that Polly King, or her heirs are to be charged with the value of a negro boy Harrison, which can be ascertained by reference to a bill of sale from me to her and now of record in the State of Missouri of my estate) And that there may be no misunderstanding as to the manner in which I wish my estate to be disposed, I say again I wish it equally divided between my children, above mentioned & their heirs if any of them should die in the manner above mentioned and that the heirs of Gabrial Overstreet are to have no portion of my estate as I am of opinion they are not in need of it, and are not morrally (sic) entitled to it.

Lastly I nominate appoint, Nelson Burdett & Joshua Dunn, Executors of my estate, and that they be vested with full power to settle and adjust all my accounts morally and equitably without being confined to the strict rules of the common law, & to make any conveyance that may be necessary. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 8th day of January 1842.

Nancy Alford (Seal)


Nelson Burdett, James Robinson, George Moore

State of Kentucky, Garrard County

I Alesc (?) R. McKee clerk of the Garrard County Court, certify that the foregoing will of Nancy Alford was produced to court at the September County Court 1847 and on motion of Abram Kightley who opposed the Recording of the will, the proof of the execution of the same was continued until the October County Court 1847 at which time the will was again produced & all the objections to the Recording of the same being withdrawn, and the subscribing Witnesses thereto being introduced, and heard to the satisfaction of the Court the same was approved and Ordered to be Recorded--

Which is accordingly done Oct. 14 1847

Att Alesc (?) R. McKee Clerk, Garrard County Court d, Patsy Jenkins, Polly King

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