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Carol Elaine Alford, AAFA #1295

1. Carol Elaine Alford was born {Private} in San Diego County, CA. Carol married John Dale Wright on {Private}. John was born {Private}.


2. Elbert Henry Alford was born Mar 30, 1907 in Winnsboro, Franklin County, TX and died Oct 18, 1977 in Kelseyville, Lake County, CA. Elbert married 3. Bernice Knutte on Dec 11, 1938. Bernice was born Jul 19, 1917 in Vacaville, Solano County, CA and died Feb 14, 1983 in Kelseyville, Lake County, CA. Elbert and Bernice were buried in the Kelseyville Cemetery, Kelseyville, Lake County, CA.


4. John Martin Alford was born Jan 19, 1879 in Newton, Newton County, MS and died Jul 5, 1950 in Simpson, Marshall County, OK. John's 1st marriage was to Mary T. Jacobs on Dec 9, 1900 in Franklin County, TX. Mary was born Feb 22, 1881 and died Jul 12, 1902 in Franklin County, TX. Mary was buried in the Bethel Cemetery, Cypress, Franklin County, TX. John's 2nd marriage was to 5. Minnie Elvira Kennedy on Jan 1, 1905 in Franklin County, TX. Minnie was born Mar 18, 1885 in Quitman, Wood County, TX and died Jan 14, 1919 in Atoka, Atoka County, OK. John's 3rd marriage was to Emma Gibson on Jan 27, 1938. Emma was born in 1910 and died in 1955/56 and was buried in Littlefield, Lamb County, TX. John and Minnie were buried in the Bera Cemetery, Atoka, Atoka County, OK.

Great Grandparents

8. James Henry Alford was born Mar 21, 1857 in Union, Newton County, MS and died Apr 27, 1932 in Caney, Atoka County, OK. He was a Farmer. James' 1st marriage was to 9. Ann Marie "Annie" Pace on Aug 26, 1876 in Lauderdale County, MS. Annie was born Jul 17, 1855 in Lauderdale County, MS and died Apr 5, 1888 in Philadelphia, Neshoba County, MS. Annie was buried in the Old Forks Baptist Church Cemetery. James' 2nd marriage was to Lue J. Martin on Jul 22, 1888 in Neshoba County, MS. Lue was born in 1870 in Mississippi and died in 1940 in Caney, Atoka County, OK. James and Lue were buried in the Folsom Cemetery, Caney, Atoka County, OK.

Great Great Grandparents

16. John Madison "Jack" Alford was born Aug 7, 1826 in Georgia and died Mar 29, 1892 in Neshoba County, MS. He was a Farmer. John's 1st marriage was to 17. Sarah Cornelia Rainey on Apr 6, 1854 in Greene County, AL. Sarah Cornelia was born Nov 6, 1836 in Greene County, AL and died about 1859 in Newton County, MS. John's 2nd marriage was to Sarah Frances Cooper on Sep 6, 1860 in Lauderdale County, MS. Sarah Frances was born Apr 8, 1836 in Lauderdale County, MS and died Feb 8, 1910 in Neshoba County, MS. John and Sarah Frances were buried in the Henry's Chapel Cemetery, Philadelphia, Neshoba County, MS.

3rd Great Grandparents

32. John "Jack" Alford was born between 1790-1800 in North Carolina and died between 1833-1840 in Pickens County, AL. Altough John's wife's name is unkknown, in censuses subsequent to the 1830 census, their children state that John and his wife were both born in North Carolina. Their burial place is unknown.

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