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The Association and Its Members

This is something new we are initiating this year. We will post here, in reverse chronological order, brief announcements concerning AAFA members and the association. For most of this news we will be dependent on members to tell us about it. In some cases members can expect follow-up information elsewhere on this site, in the AAFA On Line Newsletter and/or in AAFA ACTION, the AAFA Quarterly. CLICK to email AAFA about your news.

The chronological order of the news items has been reversed so that the most current is always on top.

  • 2009 May 18
    Jeweleen Joy Bell Alford, AAFA #0138, died in Houston, TX.

  • 2009 May 7
    WELCOME to new member #1336 Sidney F. Alford of Petersburg, TX who is from the Needham Alford limb of the James Alford family tree.

  • 2009 Apr 28
    Helen Frances Alford McManus, AAFA #0451, died in Ridgeland, MS.

  • 2009 Mar 29
    Received belated news of the death of two members:
    Melba Wise, AAFA #0601, died Feb 11, 2003;
    Thelma Alford McGeorge, AAFA #0603, died Jul 1, 2005.

  • 2009 Mar 22
    Pat Smith, AAFA #0064, reported receipt of the shipment of AAFA ACTION from the printers in Missouri. She and her sister Joana Breeland, AAFA #1142, who live in southern Mississippi, will prepare them for mailing and they hope to have them to the post office next week. In the past they have taken them to the post office sealed and ready to go and the post office affixed the metered postage stamp. The post office had to give up one of their meters so now Pat and Joana have to stamp each one.

  • 2009 Mar 20
    Theodore Pete Alford, AAFA #0067, died. He and wife Elizabeth were at the 1991 meeting in Jackson, MS.

  • 2009 Mar 16
    Arliene F. Alford, AAFA #0196, died. She was the widow of Hollis W. Alford and the mother of members Roy and David Alford.

  • 2009 Mar 9
    Ramona Alford Darden, AAFA Meetings Chair Person, announced a fantastic contract with a Dallas Hotel.

  • 2009 Feb 28
    Sally Stoewer, AAFA #0120, about 9:30 CST, volunteered to help Pam with obit typing. We can still use lots of help. There are Alford cemeteries in every state and we need helpers with just about every one of them. And you can do it all from the comfort of your computer chair.

  • 2009 Feb 28
    The 2nd 2009 monthly online newsletter was dispatched about 5:30 CST. Included was a plea for help. In about two hours the first volunteer, Lynn Bennett, AAFA #1022, had offered her services.

  • 2009 Feb 28
    Quarterly AAFA ACTION issue #82 manuscript has been sent to the printers. Active members (dues current) can expect to see it in about 6 weeks or less.

  • 2009 Feb 27
    Jim Adams, editor of AAFA ACTION joined the Alford Y-DNA project. While Jim does not have the Alford name - he has Alford blood. His direct male ancestor was George Washington Alford, who was killed in the Civil War and is buried in Baton Rouge. His grandfather George Washington Alford Jr. was adopted by an Adams family.

  • 2009 Feb. 23
    It is hardly news but in working to validate member addresses we learned today of the death of two members:
    Christie Alford Baldwin, AAFA #0006, died Feb 18 2008;
    Glen A. Holmes, AAFA #0122, died Apr 8 1999.

  • 2009 Feb 17
    Edgar Griffin Alford, Jr., AAFA #0452, died in Madison, MS.

  • 2009 Feb 13
    We're very sorry to report that Charles Knox Alford, age 16 (son of Drs. Eugene and Mary Alford and Grandson of Landon and Phyllis Alford, AAFA #0002) was killed in a car accident Friday afternoon in Houston, TX. His mother, Mary was injured in the accident and is recovering. A memorial service will be held at 2:00 pm Wednesday, February 18th at the First Presbyterian Church, 5300 Main St, Houston, TX 77004.

  • 2009 Feb 13
    Dr. Eugene Alford, mentioned above, is the subject of a feature article in the latest (March) issue of Readers Digest titled "A Doctor's Own Medicine".

  • 2009 Feb 10
    Jane Wallace Alford, AAFA #0550, died at age 96 in Lewisburg, TN. CLICK to see a picture of Jane Wallace Alford and her daughter, Jane Alford McBride, AAFA #0792.

  • 2009 Feb 3
    Editors Jim and Sue Adams sent AAFA ACTION issue #82 to the proofreading team. This 92 page (plus index) issue includes articles and photos from the 2008 SC meeting as well as extensive Texas Cemetery information, a genealogy of Green Alford, and more.

  • 2009 Feb 2
    The AAFA Membership Team mailed post cards to almost 500 members who have no email address in the membership database. If you have an email address and don't know for sure that AAFA has it, please CLICK to email AAFA.

  • 2009 January 23
    Bessie Mae Alford Lewis, AAFA #1104, died at age 103 in Knightdale, Wake County, NC. CLICK to see a picture of Bessie Mae.

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