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AAFA Alfords & Alvords found in Revolutionary War Pension Files

(From the National Archives Microfilm Series M805)

Roman numerals have been added to some names to distinguish between person/records with the same name.
As pension records are added links will be established from the following entries to the pension information.

Last Name First Name State Page Pension
AAFA ID   Remarks
Alford Alexander CT 9 W20600 ALE752CT   Connecticut Line
Alford Asahel MA 7 S45184 ASH761MA   Continental Army
Alford Benedict CT+> 15 S8016 BEN757CT   MA/VT
Alford Eber CT 6 S11966 EBE760CT   Continental Army
Alford Elijah MA 4 R92 ELI757MA   Continental Army
Alford Jacob/Nancy VA 8 W386 JAC757VA  
Alford John I CT 6 S39932     Connecticut Line
Alford John II PA 5 S44290     Pennsylvania Line
Alford John III VA 1 11875    
Alford John IV VA 10 S1744 JOH760VA  
Alvord Daniel MA 9 S45183     Continental Army
Alvord Eleazer MA 6 S29585     Continental Army
Alvord Eliab MA 6 S32644    
Alvord Elijah MA 5 S32643    
Alvord Jehiel/Dorothy MA 10 R169    
Alvord Job MA 1 BLWT21-300    
Alvord John V CT 11 S15354    
Alvord John VI MA 5 BLW    
Alvord John VII/Rhoda MA 10 W15532+>     BLWT 32225-160-55  
Alvord Phineas I CT 8 S18295    
Alvord Phineas II MA 6 S5242    
Alvord Phineas III MA 9 S12911    
Alvord Seth CT 5 S11959    
Alvord ThomasC/Nancy NY 10 W16492     Continental Army
Alvord Timothy MA 6 S32637    

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