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Front Row: Unknown, Telffer Estes, Berta Lee Vickery, Berta Neese, Dewey Edmiral Neese, Flora Vernelle Vickery, Meta Alga Vickery, Cola Neese, Elizabeth "Libby" Alford, Vinnie Marion Vickery, Susie Estes, Joel Turner

Middle Row: Forrest Alford, Harold Brooks Alford, Sarah Caroline Alford Vickery, Vera Gladdis Vickery, Arlie E. Fisher Alford, JAMES BERRY ALFORD, Alsey Snipes Alford, Emily S. Masters Alford, Berta C. Alford Turner, Mary Turner, Alyse Snipes Alford Neese, Daniel Neese, Clifford Eleson Neese, Mary L. Alford Estes, Addie McLanahan Alford, Emma Lou Alford

Back Row: Woodfin Celia Neese, Willie Shala Vickery, Asa Hightower Vickery, Roscoe Dennis Vickery, Angus Notley Alford, Jr., Angus Notley Alford, Sr., Pearl Neese, William Jesse Alford, Montine Alford, John A. "Boss" Alford, Unknown, George E. Alford, Lula Cleone Vickery, Hugh Inman Alford, Julia Maye Vickery, Unknown

Family Branch: LOD802NC

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