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photo missing

Back row: David Franklin Alford, William Lace Alford, Jodie Alford, Susan Alford, Vera Alford, Gene Nelson Alford
Front row: Mose V. Alford, Benjamin Franklin Alford, Eddie L. Alford, Rebecca C. "Kate" Copeland Alford, Rube Wilson Alford, Agnes Alford

Family Branch: JOH816NC

By Cecil Dezmon Alford, AAFA #0651
Written in 2003

This picture was made in 1909 at their home in Sandtown, Neshoba Co., MS. All of Grandpa Ben and Grandma Kate Alford's family at the time are in this photo. Only Uncle Bill, born two years later in 1911, is missing.

Reading from left to right front row are: Moses V. standing left of Grandpa Ben, was born 1907 died 1990. Next is Grandpa Ben, born in 1855 and died in 1939. Standing is Eddie L. born 1903 died 1980s. Next is Grandma Rebecca Catherine (Copeland) Alford, born 1866 and died 1950. She is holding baby Rube W. who appears to be only a few weeks old. He was born April 1909 and died in 1987. Next standing to right of Grandma and baby is Agnes, born in 1899. I believe she died in 1980s.

At back (L to R) is David Franklin, born 1894 and died in 1972. Next is my handsome Dad, William Lace, born 1887 and died 1969. Standing by him is his half sister, Jodie, born 1881 and died about 1970s. She was Ben and first wife's child. Jodie had a brother named John H. who had already married. Next is Susan, born in 1889 and died in 1964. Next is Vera, born in 1892 and died in the 1970s. Last is Gene, born 1895 and died in 1991.Uncle Bill at this time, 2003, is still living in Mobile, AL.

The ones we don't have dates of death lived either in Mobile or away. Ben, Kate, Mose, Rube, Frank, Jodie and Lace are buried at Sandtown Cemetery in Neshoba Co., MS. Gene is at nearby Spring Creek Cemetery, Susan is at Noxapater, MS, Vera is at Lucedale, MS, Agnes and Edd died in Mobile and were cremated. Dad, Lace, got married the following December 16, 1909, the same year of this picture.

This picture was made in front of their house which was torn down in the 1940s by our sister Ellie Ree and Harmon Seale. They still live there, but in a second house, a modern new home now.

This whole family would pack up and moved to Oklahoma about six years after this picture was made, but they would return about 1921. Some traveled by wagon and some went on the train.

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