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Red River & Bowie Counties
(1840 - 1856)

Yesterday I read some Texas County Tax list microfilm from the Texas State Archives.

Incidentally, did you know the Texas State Library is shut down for two years, while they renovate and expand the building? Oddly enough, the Legislature allocated the funds for the construction, but not for furnishings, shelving, etc.

Anyway, the obituary of Leroy R. Alford said he came with his parents to Bowie Co., TX, in 1832. At that time, the area was an Old Mexican municipality. Red River County was created 7 Mar 1836 after Texas declared its independence. Red River County tax lists begin in 1838. No Alfords were on the lists of 1838 or 1839.

1840, the first Alfords appeared on the list.
  • Alford, Brittain, with one white poll and one male 15-25
  • Alford, Allen, assignee of Johnson & Bland on their survey (so he bought their grant certificate), 767 ac

    1841 & 1842
  • Allen Alford had 750 ac

    1843, 1844 and 1845
  • Allen Alford had 647 ac

  • Allen Alford not listed

    1846 & 1847, Bowie County's 1st and 2nd lists:
  • B. D. Alford had 320 ac of B. D. Alford survey (so there should be a grant in the Texas General Land Office), 1 Boston town lot, 3 negroes, 4 horses, 2 cows
  • James P. Alford had 363 ac of C. M. Atkins survey, 1 Boston town lot, 1 negro and3 horse

  • James P. Alford had 363 ac, 1280 ac, 340 ac, 1 Boston town lot. 5 negroes, 7 horses
  • B. D. Alford had 320 ac, 1 Boston lot, 3 negroes, 2 horses
  • Leroy Alford, with no land, 1 horse, 2 cows

  • James P. Alford
  • B. D. Alford
  • Leroy Alford, 4 cattle

    1850 & 1851
  • James P. Alford
  • B. D. Alford
  • Leroy Alford had 320 ac

  • James P. had 4 tracts
  • B. D. Alford

    1853 & 1854
  • James P. Alford had 6 tracts
  • B. D. Alford
  • Lee Alford

  • James P. Alford
  • Leroy Alford

  • James P. Alford
  • Edward Alford
  • Leroy Alford

    That s where I stopped reading.

    The fact that Leroy's obit said they came to TX in 1832 and that was the year Needham Judge Alford was a minister in Sabine Co., TX.   Coincidence?

    I have three Allen Alfords in my data, but all I know about two of them is their approximate birth date in NC. Do you know who the tax payer above could belong to? He seems to have disappeared from the rolls about the right time (1845-6) to be father of Leroy P.?

    I have some document copies in my files where James P. Alford was a county official in south Texas counties in 1830s including a bond signed by Sam Houston as president of he Republic. Then he just disappeared! So apparently he went to Bowie County about 1845, to get on the 1846 tax list.

    -- Doris [Johnston]

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