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Below each name find brief comments describing their contribution. For more specifics and other information about them click the link in the last column. Please note that the "Basis for Induction..." column is for their contributions at the time of induction and does not address all they have done since that time.

The AAFA Hall of Fame was established in 1990 and announced at the 3rd Annual AAFA Meeting which was held in Raleigh, NC.

Deceased members are listed in italics.

Place Inducted AAFA
  Member Name
  Basis for Induction into Hall of Fame
1990 Raleigh, NC 0019   Gilbert Kendric Alford, Jr.
  Led in the creation of AAFA; collects and manages Alford data
1990 Raleigh, NC 0030   Pamela Alford Cole Thompson
  Assisted in creating AAFA; first AAFA ACTION editor (1987-1999)
1990 Raleigh, NC 0039   Tressie Elizabeth Nash Shull Bowman
  Published early Alford genealogical newsletter, "Alford Family Bulletin"; donated data to AAFA
1991 Jackson, MS     There were no inductees in 1991  
1992 Destin, FL 0049   Roberta Alford Folds
  She and husband Milton made all arrangements for first AAFA Meeting in Atlanta,GA, 1988. She and Milton were also instrumental in the recovery of the Guy Alford collection.
1992 Destin, FL 0049   Milton Folds
  He and wife Roberta made all arrangements for first AAFA meeting in Atlanta, GA, 1988. He and Reoberta were also instrumental in the recovery of the Guy Alford collection.
1993 St. Francisville, LA 0011   Lodwick Houston "Wick" Alford
  Co-Founder of AAFA; first President of AAFA (1987-1991)
1993 St. Francisville, LA 0011   Mary Katherine Kirkland Alford
  Supported and assisted Wick (above)
1994 Richmond, VA     There were no inductees in 1994  
1995 Decatur, AL 0168   David Livingston Price, Jr.
  Assisted greatly with AAFA data collection & genealogies
1996 Springfield, MO 0054   Daniel Lee "D.L." Alford, Jr.
  Stimulated early membership growth; led Second Annual Meeting, 1989 Houston, TX
1996 Springfield, MO 0054   Catherine Guynes Alford
  Supported and assisted D.L. (above)
1996 Springfield, MO 0210   Haidee Alford Reeves
  Led in membership expansion & data collection
1996 Springfield, MO 0032   Lucille Clepper Mehrkam
  Contributed one of most significant data collections to AAFA
1997 Pleasanton, CA 0087   John Monroe "Jack" Kinabrew, Jr.
  Led in Alford cemetery project; started photo archive
1998 Paducah, KY 0001   Alicia Roundy Lee Houston
  Designed and manages the AAFA Census Project
1998 Paducah, KY 0484   Patricia Lynn Davidson Shelley
  Created and maintains the AAFA Research Chair
1999 San Antonio, TX     There were no inductees in 1999  
2000 Augusta, GA 0230   Max Ray Alford
  Served as AAFA Secretary (1991-2001)
2000 Augusta, GA 0303   Doris Orlean Alford Kemmerer Vetri
  AAFA's longest serving Treasurer (1990-2010)
2001 Raleigh, NC 0120   Euphamie Sally Bateman Stoewer
  Created and operated the AAFA Merchandise Program
2001 Raleigh, NC 0120   Richard Arnold Stoewer
  Supported and assisted Sally (above)
2001 Raleigh, NC 0152   Janice Stogsdill Smith
  Developed and manages AAFA Wills Project; manages Isham Alford (ISH755NC) branch; co-manages Photo Archive
2001 Raleigh, NC 0152   John Charles Smith
  Co-manages Photo Archive; supports and assists Janice (above)
2001 Raleigh, NC 0358   Elizabeth Carolina Hawes Miller Popas Hazlip
  (Posthumous recognition) AAFA's first Publicist (1990-2000), serving until her death
2002 Salt Lake City, UT 0715   Ramona Alford Darden
  Serves as AAFA Meetings Chair, 1997 - 
2002 Salt Lake City, UT 0258   Kim I. Savage
  Created & operated first AAFA website; edited Online Newsletter (OLNL)
2003 Little Rock, AR 0666   Peggy Alford Schuster
  Contributes Alford research; proofreads quarterly
2003 Little Rock, AR 0249   Jeanne Bateman Singleton
  Mailed AAFA ACTION - maintained inventory
2004 Baton Rouge, LA 0230   Eunice Earline Brookshire Alford
  Assisted with meetings; maintains Memorial Album
2005 St. Louis, MO 0500   Jimmie Ray Alford
  Hosted first website; supported scholarship program
2005 St. Louis, MO 1129   James King Adams
  Edits AAFA ACTION; manages Northern Alford branch
2005 St. Louis, MO 1129   Marolyn Sue Neel Adams
  Assists Jim (above)
2006 Nashville, TN 0137   Ruby Pauline Alford Vance Heard
  Contributed extensive Alford data; served as MS Representative
2007 Vicksburg, MS 1065   George Morris Myers
  (Posthumous recognition) Served as webmaster; managed Robert 1760 England (ROB760EN) branch
2008 Columbia, SC 0013   Julius Mosby "Pooley" Alford
  (Posthumous recognition) Co-Founder of AAFA; first AAFA Treasurer (1987-1990)
2008 Columbia, SC 0070   Patricia DeArman Fite
  Contributes Alford data and significant numbers of obituaries
2009 Dallas, TX 0481   Evelyn Z. Mistich
2009 Dallas, TX 0673   Carolyn Alford Saunders
2009 Dallas, TX 0064   Patricia Brock Smith
2009 Dallas, TX 1142   Mildred Joana Brock Breeland
2010 New Orleans, LA     There were no inductees in 2010  
2011 St.Louis, MO 0019   Mary Newkirk Alford
  Supporting Gil Alford in his Alford work 1981-2011, and handling framed items for the AAFA Store.
2011 St.Louis, MO 1247   Charles Walter Smith
  Service as Vice President, 2008-____ & assistance with all aspects of AAFA photographs.
2012 Houston, TX     There were no inductees in 2012  
2013 Raleigh, NC     There were no inductees in 2013  
2014 Dallas, TX     There were no inductees in 2014  
2015 Gulfport, MS     There were no inductees in 2015  
2016 Shreveport, LA     There were no inductees in 2016  

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