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Home page for William A. Mitchiner, AAFA #0010

Bill Mitchiner was active in the field of Alford genealogy long before AAFA was created.  He became involved with what was to become the AAFA in 1986 when he wrote to Captain Lodwick Alford regarding an inquiry he had published in the Wake County (NC) Genealogical Society Bulletin.  About the same time he sent a letter to Gil Alford in which he explained that he did professional genealogical research in North Carolina but he shared information with relatives and the Alford family at no cost.  Over the years he has provided much information to the association, not the least of which was Alford tax information from Franklin and Wake Counties for a period of many years.  His correspondence file, which does not contain pages of data he submitted, has about 200 pages.  In 1986 he was most helpful with our effort to hire a professional Virginia researcher to search for new information about early Virginia Alfords.  Bill was an active participant in the AAFA Census Project managed by Alicia R. Houston, AAFA #0001.

The following is what Franceine Rees has to say about Mr. Mitchiner when Captain Wick Alford asked her to take on the job of AAFA Genealogist:

"My first encounter with Mr. Bill Mitchiner occurred about four or five years ago, when he and I were at opposite ends of a table in the State Library's genealogy room and discovered that we had two families in common--Alford and Wilder.  He told me then of his standing offer to help all cousins, however distant.  Some time later, he actually did help me with some Wilder problems.  Typically, he would take no fee for searching the records for me.  Around that time I suggested that the Raleigh newspaper interview him for a feature article, which they did, and the reporter got some wonderful statements about him from the various professional and lay genealogists in and around the Archives.  The article was run as a half-page feature.  In short, Mr. Mitchiner is one of the finest gentlemen ever produced on an Alford tree, and I can think of no better candidate for the association's genealogist slot."

Bill served as the AAFA Genealogist from 1989 to 1990 when he had to resign because of the very failing health of his wife.



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