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Home page for Weston Adams, AAFA #0035

Weston was AAFA's first Vice-President and it was he who made the suggestion that we devise an Alford badge or logo based on some of the early Alford family Coats of Arms.  That badge, emblem, logo or whatever, which appears to the above left, has become the single most recognized feature in AAFA and it has found it's way into  many and varied places.  Weston joined our Alford cause early on - in October 1982 when he entered into our many discussions about the Alford ancestors.  When AAFA was formed he volunteered to serve in a variety of ways.  Even though he was then serving as President Reagan's ambassador to Malawi for several years he continued with his correspondence and support.  Those who were present at the 1990 meeting in Raleigh had an opportunity to me Weston.



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