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Wick's Photo Gallery

We will add here, over the months to come, as many photographs of Wick as is possible.  If the one that interests you is not here check back later.  If you have one that we do not have here, and would like to donate it we would appreciate it very much.  Please contact us at alford_staff@alfordassociation.org.

In some cases the photograph that we are using here was included as part of an article published in the quarterly, AAFA ACTION.  In those cases the photo will be linked to a copy of the article.

As we add photographs they will be inserted in approximate chronological order.

1933 Wick, in the U.S. Navy at age 19.

1938 Ensign Lodwick Alford

Lieutenant Lodwick Alford, 1943

1988 First AAFA Meeting

Wick and others in 1989 Houston, TX meeting

Wick and his Daughter Andrea

Wick & others at head table Raleigh, NC 1990

Wick getting plaque from new Pres. Harold Alford Jackson, MS 1991

Wick at podium, Pleasanton, CA, 1997

2003 Wick & Family at Arkansas Meeting.

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