2003 Little Rock Meeting Pictures

Part 2


From AAFA ACTION #62, Fall 2003

(Part 1 is in AAFA ACTION #61, Summer 2003)


Mary and Nolan David Alford, #0245, LA at the banquet on Saturday night.


Buzz and Doris Alford Vetri #0303, NJ at the banquet on Saturday night.


Lyn and Kirkland Alford #0306, KS at their table on Saturday night.


Craig and his mother Marian Hodges posed for a quick photo after the Saturday afternoon session. Craig is new member #1231 from Little Rock, AR.


AAFA President Max Alford presented Marie Bateman with a Distinguished Member Certificate after the dinner on Saturday night. Marie is responsible for making the lovely afghans that she donates for the raffle prizes.


President Max Alford presented his wife Earline with a Distinguished Member Certificate at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening.


Anita and Sam Wilson #0855, TX are shown with the prize that she won during the meeting on Saturday morning. Sam is a descendant of Turner Alford born in 1800 in North Carolina.


President Max Alford, on the right, presented a Distinguished Member Certificate to Elroy and Jan Alford #0563, OK. Wallace Turner is shown in the foreground.


Descendants of Haywood Alford born 1780 in Georgia are shown after the meeting on Saturday afternoon. They are Freda, son David and Harold Glen Alford #0227, AR and Paul Hodson, #1166, MO. This was the first meeting for Dr. David Alford and Paul Hodson.


Catherine Allison #1051, MO, Alicia R. Houston #0001, PA and Frieda Shepherd #0763, CA posed for a photo after the Saturday night dinner. All are descendants of John Alford born 1696 in Maryland.


Lucy Dodd Eastham #1095, TX, Kim Savage #0258, IL, and Dodd Eastham #1079, TX are shown after the dinner on Saturday night. They are descendants of Isaac Alford born 1782 in North Carolina.


Catherine Alford and Bruce Ellard #0606, MS and Frances Alford Herrington #0708, MS. Catherine and Frances are descendants of William Alford, born 1804 in Georgia. Frances is shown with the hand-painted tote bag that she won as a raffle prize.


Paul Allison is shown with a “friend” in the Arkansas Capitol building during the tour on Thursday.


Shown disembarking from the “duck” during the Hot Springs tour on Wednesday are, from the bottom, Janet Hemby, Lynn Shelley, and Paul and Catherine Allison.


Shown in the Arkansas Capitol building tour are, in front, Bob and Helen Steele, Evelyn Mistich, Frieda Shepherd, Earline and Max Alford and Pat Smith. In back: Joana Breeland, Ramona Darden, Mary Alford, Dick Stoewer, Robert Thorn and Lynn Shelley.