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AAFA 8th Annual Meeting and Family Reunion

Alford American Family Association, Inc.

1995--October 13-14-15, Decatur, Alabama at the Holiday Inn

Paul Alford and his wife Jean were the hosts. National membership had reached 786 with nearly 100 member families present totaling about 150--the largest number of attendees yet!

Family members by state were: Mississippi 17; Alabama 16; Texas 13; Georgia 12; and Louisiana 10. There were four from Missouri and three each from North Carolina and California; two each from Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Oklahoma; one each from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, and Kansas.

The business portion of this meeting included many administrative changes. Five officers resigned from the board of directors in Decatur: D.L. Alford, Jr., Gil Alford, James P. Alford, Julius M. Alford and Lodwick H. Alford. Four new directors were added: Janice Stogsdill Smith, Lynn Davidson Shelley, Marian Alford Hodges, and Paul Warren Alford.

The State of Missouri published a new Corporation manual with many changes requiring a revision of the AAFA articles of incorporation. These were made and approved, with minor changes, by the board of directors for a subsequent mail ballot approval by the membership. In addition, the association made several organizational changes activating an executive committee and discontinuing the position of executive director. Titles of many workers were changed from previous assorted names to "associates." The membership approved the publication of an Alford cookbook and Sally Stoewer and some of her associates began action to accumulate recipes. The book to be available at the next meeting.

The non-business activity began with a genealogy workshop conducted by members on Friday morning and the regular program continued through Sunday noon. Noted genealogist Professor Robert Scott Davis of Wallace College was a speaker at the workshop on Friday afternoon. David Price, Jr. was inducted into the Alford Hall of Fame for his contribution to the Alford effort over the years. Two entire meeting rooms were devoted to Sally Stoewer's AAFA Store, where members could buy AAFA sweatshirts, mugs, caps, etc., and to AAFA research materials, open throughout the meeting for those wishing to find their families in the records AAFA has accumulated and Gil Alford has organized. Special tours were arranged for the Space Center in Huntsville.

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